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We introduce unique, high-value products that make use of the materials produced by our group, categorized by application and use in major fields.

We introduce high-value products that support semiconductor manufacturing, categorized by the manufacturing process.

Front-End Process

Back-End Process

Front-End ProcessDeposition

As semiconductor devices become highly integrated and miniaturized, sputtering targets are required to have high purity and low particles. Our original manufacturing method provides Si targets for leading-edge semiconductor memory applications that meet these requirements.

Front-End ProcessResist Coating

Taking advantage of the strong acidity and surface tension lowering ability of perfluorinated compounds, we will contribute to the field of semiconductors, especially photoresist materials.

Front-End ProcessEtch(for SPE)

For many years, MMC has developed technologies of manufacturing polycrystalline silicon and silicon wafers for semiconductors. These technologies can provide materials and components that contribute to improving the performance of Semiconductor Production Equipment.

Front-End ProcessIntroduction of Impurities

Our proprietary coating diffuser does not contain chlorine as a raw material, therefore there is no concern about corrosion of equipment such as spin coaters or environmental pollution of clean rooms.

  • MCD(Mitsubishi Coating Diffusion Source)

    MCD(Mitsubishi Coating Diffusion Source)

    A coating diffusion agent containing antimony as an N-type dopant. For silicon semiconductor wafers, used for embedding and diffusion in bipolar ICs, Bi-CMOS, etc.

Back-End ProcessWafer Bumping

With the demand increasing for smaller semiconductor packages, flip chip packages became the mainstream, but flip chip packages are especially sensitive to "Soft Errors," errors in IC memory data caused by radiation such as cosmic ray and alpha particles which are emitted from the semiconductor materials and the environment.

We introduce high-value products that contribute to the evolution of xEV, categorized by application and automobile parts.


Our thermistors enable accurate thermal management that helps ensure safety by preventing battery overheating and ignition.


A sensor of high heat resistance and high-precision, maximizing the performance of motors that generate heat due to large currents.


Next-generation power semiconductor devices such as SiC require highly reliable bonding material with excellent temperature monitoring and heat dissipation to control the heat generated by high current.
MMC contributes to the high performance of power semiconductors through high heat-resistant and high-precision thermistors and AuSn paste, a Pb-free material.

OBC(Onboard Charger)

Measuring temperature with our high-precision thermistor enables stable and safe charging. We also provide lightning surge solutions that are compatible with next-generation high-output fast charging standards (NACS, CHAdeMO, GBT, CCS) and regular chargers (various AC withstanding voltage tests).

Oil/Coolant Temperature

Protect various components by precisely measuring the temperature of the coolant, which is essential for vehicle heat management.

DC/DC Converter

Protect semiconductors by detecting heat generated by voltage conversion with high precision.


Protect ECUs, the brains of automobiles through highly accurate temperature control.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning control with high-precision temperature measurement helps to create a comfortable interior space.

LED Headlight

LEDs have a reduced life span when operated in a high temperature environment.
By using high heat-dissipating bonding materials and by monitoring the temperature with a thermistor to derate the LED current, help to reduce LED overheating and extend the life of the LEDs.


The wavelength of the laser used in LiDAR systems shifts depending on the ambient temperature. Therefore, laser diode temperature is monitored by a thermistor and controlled by a TEC (thermoelectric cooler).

IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment)

Featuring our very own micro-gap system, our gas discharge tube type surge absorbers have excellent surge protection characteristics and low capacitance that won’t impede the high-speed communication system.

Car Window Glass

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) particles absorb and shield the heat-ray (near infrared ray) of the sunlight, contributing to the measures against heat in automobile cabins and energy saving measures for air conditioners.

Charger Station/ Battery Charger

Our high-precision thermistor monitor and protect the charger from the heat generated from high voltage and high current.
We also have a lineup of surge absorbers compatible with various DC charging voltages such as NACS, CHAdeMO, GBT, CCS and standard charger(AC withstand voltage tests).

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