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NTC Thermistors

Thermistors change resistance when the temperature changes. Our NTC Thermistors are capable of measuring temperature very precisely due to our unique raw materials.Our broad product lineup includes surface mount, leaded, and sensor types for any application.

-40℃〜175℃ High   TK Series  
-40℃〜150℃ Operating
  TD Series TZ Series
-40℃〜125℃ Low TN / TC Series TH Series TX Series
    Low Precision High

Surface mount thermistors are mounted on PCBs with other electronics, so they are used in HDD temperature compensation circuits, optical pickups for CD/DVD drives, battery pack monitoring, and temperature compensation/detection for many different applications. We make a wide range of different resistance and different B-value high precision, small size, and high temperature thermistors.

Part Number Style Size Operating temperature range Resistance
B Value
TK Series | Chip Thermistors
TK05 SeriesNew TK05 Series 1005(0402) -40℃〜+175℃ ±1% ±1%
TK11 SeriesNew TK11 Series 1608(0603) -40℃〜+175℃ ±1% ±1%
TZ Series | Chip Thermistors
TZ05 Series TZ05 Series 1005(0402) -40℃〜+150℃ ±0.5~1% ±0.3%
TD Series | Chip Thermistors
TD05 Series TD05 Series 1005(0402) -40℃〜+150℃ ±1〜3% ±1〜2%
TD11 Series TD11 Series 1608(0603) -40℃〜+150℃ ±1〜3% ±1〜2%
TX Series | Chip Thermistors
TX03 Series TX03 Series 0603(0201) -40℃〜+125℃ ±0.5〜1% ±0.3%
TX05 Series TX05 Series 1005(0402) -40℃〜+125℃ ±0.5〜1% ±0.3%
TH Series | Chip Thermistors
TH03 Series TH03 Series 0603(0201) -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1〜2%
TH05 Series TH05 Series 1005(0402) -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1〜2%
TH11 Series TH11 Series 1608(0603) -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1〜2%
TH20 Series TH20 Series 2012(0805) -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1〜2%
TN / TC Series | Chip Thermistors
TN / TC05 Series TN / TC05 Series 1005(0402) -40℃〜+125℃ ±5〜10% ±3〜5%
TN / TC10 Series TN / TC10 Series 1608(0603) -40℃〜+125℃ ±5〜10% ±3〜5%
TN11 Series TN11 Series 1608(0603) -40℃〜+125℃ ±5〜10% ±3〜5%
TN / TC20 Series TN / TC20 Series 2012(0805) -40℃〜+125℃ ±5〜10% ±3〜5%
MN / MH Series | MELF Thermistor
MN18 Series MN18 Series φ1.35×3.5mm -40℃〜+150℃ ±1〜5% ±1〜3%
MH18 Series MH18 Series φ1.35×3.5mm -40℃〜+150℃ ±1〜5% ±1〜3%
PA Series | Wire-Bonded Thermistor
PA30 SeriesIn Development PA30 Series 3.2×1.6×0.65 mm -40℃〜+200℃ ±3% ±1%
VH Series | Flake Thermistor
VH02 Series VH02 Series 0.21±0.03×0.21±0.03mm -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
VH05 Series VH05 Series 0.32±0.05×0.32±0.05mm -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
VH10 Series VH10 Series 0.60±0.05×0.60±0.05mm -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
KH Series | Flake Thermistor
KH05 SeriesNew KH05 Series 0.32±0.05×0.32±0.05mm -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
KH10 SeriesNew KH10 Series 0.60±0.05×0.60±0.05mm -40℃〜+125℃ ±1〜3% ±1%

Leaded thermistors are used for temperature compensation/detection in battery packs, medical instruments, home electronics, automobiles, and many other applications.
We manufacture both resin coated and glass encapsulated thermistors

Part Number Style Operating temperature range Resistance
B Value
GA/GH Series | NTC Thermistor
GA13 Series GA13 Series -40℃〜+300℃(+150℃) ±3〜5% ±3%
GH13 Series GH13 Series -40℃〜+300℃(+150℃) ±1〜3% ±1%
GA20 Series GA20 Series -40℃〜+300℃(+150℃) ±3〜5% ±3%
GH20 Series GH20 Series -40℃〜+300℃(+150℃) ±1〜3% ±1%
GR Series | NTC Thermistor
GR15 Series GR15 Series -40℃〜+300℃(+150℃) ±1〜5% ±1〜3%
GR25 Series GR25 Series -40℃〜+150℃ ±2〜5% ±1〜3%
RH Series | NTC Thermistor
RH18 Series RH18 Series -40℃〜+110℃ ±1〜3% ±1%(B25/85)
RD Series | NTC Thermistor
RD18 SeriesNew RD18 Series -40℃〜+150℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
CN/CH Series | NTC Thermistor
CN25 Series CN25 Series -40℃〜+110℃ ±3〜5% ±3%
CH25 Series CH25 Series -40℃〜+110℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
BN Series | NTC Thermistor
BN35 Series BN35 Series -20℃〜+80℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
BM Series | NTC Thermistor
BM18 Series BM18 Series -40℃〜+100℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
BM22 Series BM22 Series -40℃〜+100℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
BM38 Series BM38 Series -40℃〜+100℃ ±1〜3% ±1%
Category Style Series
Air Conditioner (Remote Control) CN25 Series CN25 Series
Air Conditioner (Remote Control) CH25 Series CH25 Series
Air Conditioner (Remote Control) RH18 Series RH18 Series
Refrigerator TH03 Series TH03 Series
Refrigerator TH05 Series TH05 Series
Refrigerator TH11 Series TH11 Series
Refrigerator TH20 Series TH20 Series
Power Modules (IGBT)
- MN18 Series MN18 Series
- MH18 Series MH18 Series
Optical Communication Modules
- VH02 Series VH02 Series
- VH05 Series VH05 Series
- VH10 Series VH10 Series
Battery Packs
- RH18 Series RH18 Series
- BN35 Series BN35 Series
- BM18 Series BM18 Series
- BM22 Series BM22 Series
- BM38 Series BM38 Series
- TH03 Series TH03 Series
- TH05 Series TH05 Series
- TH11 Series TH11 Series
Etch(for SPE) TX03 Series TX03 Series
Battery RD18 Series RD18 SeriesNew
Inverter TK05 Series TK05 SeriesNew
Inverter PA30 Series PA30 SeriesIn Development
Inverter MH18 Series MH18 Series
OBC (Onboard Charger) RD18 Series RD18 SeriesNew
OBC (Onboard Charger) TZ05 Series TZ05 Series
Oil/Coolant Temperature GR15 Series GR15 Series
Oil/Coolant Temperature RD18 Series RD18 SeriesNew
DC/DC Converter TD05 Series TD05 Series
ECU GH13 Series GH13 Series
ECU TZ05 Series TZ05 Series
Air Conditioner CH25 Series CH25 Series
LED Headlight VH02 Series VH02 Series
LED Headlight TD05 Series TD05 Series
LiDAR VH02 Series VH02 Series
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