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Sol-Gel Solutions

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is a leading manufacturer of PZT Sol-Gel Solution, capable of supplying the largest amount of the solution in the world.

Use of Sol-Gel Solutions

Sol-Gel Solutions using metal alkoxide enable to form dielectric thin film, which is used for semiconductor and MEMS fields.
Ferroelectric thin films like PZT, SBT, BLT with uniform composition and thickness, and Oxide thin films like LSCO, are formed on each substrate by spin-coating and followed heat-treatment.

PZT Sol-Gel Solution of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

PZT Sol-Gel Solution of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation allows to form excellent dense film, with high crystallinity due to excellent properties of solutions such as low temperature pyrolysis.
Usually customers need to take long time to master forming PZT since any condition of coating affects the results very delicately. We, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, has much experience on this method and can proper advices.

PZT-E1 solution for thinner film and new PZT-N solution for thicker film

PZT-E1 solution is our common solution which has many track records for PZT thin film. But recently relatively thicker film like more than 2μm is required for MEMS applications. PZT-E1 solution needs 24 times coating to get 2μm thick film.
We have developed new PZT-N solution which can form 2μm PZT film by only 10 times coating.

Comparison of coating times to form 2um PZT film using PZT-E1 solution and PZT-N solution

"Turn Key Solution" for PZT films

In the past, customers need very long term to develop the proper coating conditions using their various tools by themselves.
So, now we are trying to develop "Turn Key Solution" with a major semiconductor tool supplier. It will enable customers to form PZT films without long term development.

PZT film properties by

Other Sol-Gel Solutions of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Other kinds of Sol-Gel Solutions, such as BST, SBT, BLT, LSCO and so on, are also offered. Please contact us if you seek any solution for dielectric thin films or oxide thin films.

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