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TH05 Series

The TH Series are accurate surface mount NTC Thermistor.

Useful information


Dimensions 1.0×0.5×0.55max(mm)
Resistance tolerance ±1%,±2%,±3% (R25)
B Value tolerance ±1% (B25/50)
Termination Tin plating
Operating temperature range -40℃~+125℃
Heat Dissipation Constant 2.4mW/℃
Maximum Power Dissipation 240mW



TH05 Series
Part Number Resistance
B Value
B Value
3N682 6.8kΩ 3,670K 3,657K
3H103 10kΩ 3,370K 3,413K
3I103 10kΩ 3,380K 3,435K
3T103 10kΩ 3,820K 3,792K
4B153 15kΩ 4,030K 3,985K
3V223 22kΩ 3,900K 3,898K
3N333 33kΩ 3,650K 3,725K
4B333 33kΩ 4,050K 4,038K
3I473 47kΩ 3,400K 3,490K
4B473 47kΩ 4,050K 4,057K
3J683 68kΩ 3,450K 3,492K
3K803 80kΩ 3,500K 3,543K
3L104 100kΩ 3,540K 3,578K
4B104 100kΩ 4,050K 4,093K
4F104 100kΩ 4,250K 4,254K
4H104 100kΩ 4,360K 4,360K
3M154 150kΩ 3,620K 3,668K
3W474 470kΩ 3,940K 3,998K
4K474 470kΩ 4,500K 4,541K
4R474 470kΩ 4,700K 4,715K

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