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DBA (Direct Bonded Aluminum) substrate

DBA (Direct Bonded Aluminum) substrate

Mitsubishi Materials is a leading company of DBA (Direct Bonded Aluminum) substrates used for the high power modules with high reliability.

Provide a stable supply of excellent quality

  • Have been used for inverter modules of hybrid vehicles and industrial machinery.
  • High thermal conductivity of 8 times or more of alumina.
  • Insulated ceramics substrate with high reliability.

Advantages of DBA substrates from Mitsubishi Materials

  • The thermal cycle life of DBA substrates are 10 times longer than that of Cu circuit layer type.
  • No cracks generate in the solder between Si chip and DBA substrate.
  • No cracks generate in the ceramics.
  • Heat release of semiconductor device.
  • Insulation of current for semiconductor device.
Thermalcycles characters of DBA and DBC/AMB

Application examples

  • Inverter module for hybrid and electric vehicle
  • Power module for electric train and power plant

Foreseeable future of DBA

  • Improvement in power cycle tolerance
  • Improvement in heat conductivity
  • Expansion of the service temperature range to a high-temperature range (over 200 degrees)


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