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Conductive Nb2O5 sputtering target

Simplified Nb2O5 sputtering process

It is hard to control optical characteristics and deposition rate of oxide film while using metal targets in reactive sputtering process.
Mitsubishi Materials has succeeded in creating stable optical characteristics and deposition rate in DC sputtering process by reducing electrical resistance of Nb2O5.

Advantages of conductive Nb2O5 target from Mitsubishi Materials

  • High electrical conductivity, High cross-section uniformity.
  • Capable of DC sputtering with low abnormal arc discharge
  • High purity, High density, Fine structure.

By changing the sputtering condition, high transparent film for optical adjustment layer and also high absorption film for anti-reflection layer on metal wiring can be formed with our target.

We also offer TiO2 targets for metal oxide as one of our product line-ups.

TiO2 target


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