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Precision Silicon Products

Precision Silicon Products

Mitsubishi Materials can provide various types of high-purity and high-quality precision silicon products.

Accumulation of unique techniques

Mitsubishi Materials Group has manufactured polycrystalline silicon for semiconductors, silicon wafersand others for many years. We have manufactured and supplied various types of precision silicon products by using our unique technology.

Silicon Wafer, Columnar Crystal Silicon, Precision silicon products


  • We have technology to manufacture large-sized crystal.
     *Single Crystal : Max. Dia. 530mm, Columnar Crystal : Max. Sq.1000mm
  • Possible to control processing damages to brittle materials
  • Able to correspond to various shapes such as plates, rings and processed with round thru-holes
     *Please make a contact, if you require any other shapes.
  • Applicable to Sputtering Target

Examples of materials for silicon precise processed goods

Crystal Single · Columnar
Purity 6-8N
Type P type (B doped)
Resistivity 0.00001-1Ω·m (0.001-100Ω·cm)
Silicon Products


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