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MULαS series (Low alpha solders)

MULαS series (Low alpha solders)

Major semiconductor package types in high pin count , high speed and high end applications, such as micro processor unit(MPU), graphic processor unit(GPU), SRAM etc., have advanced from wire-bonded package to flipchip package which employs solder bump electrodes. (refer to Fig. structure of FC-BGA)However, flipchip package is especially sensitive to "Soft Errors," errors in IC memory data caused by radiation such as cosmic ray and alpha particles which is emitted from semiconductor materials and environment; therefore reduction of alpha emission in packaging materials has become a critical issue.

Fig. structure of FC-BGA

For over 30 years, MMC has been specialized in various solder materials. Our principal behind this development always has been to prevent soft error in chips by reducing alpha ray emission from the materials. So we can offer low alpha products called "MULαS series" to our customers.


On MULαS series, utilizing the evaluation, control, and manufacturing technology of low-alpha materials acquired over the years, MMC strives for following commitments.

  • Provide strongly low-alpha guaranteed products.
  • To challenge and offer the evaluation and manufacturing technology for further lower alpha emission materials.
  • To offer the most advanced bumping process (printing, plating, etc.)
  • To support Customers' process to lowering alpha emission.