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Fine Materials for Assembly

Fine Materials for Assembly

By matching rapidly growing demand for higher density and downsizing with integrated circuits, we supply our customers with leading edge products that meet their evolving needs-total solutions, including technical support.

Solders to prevent Soft Errors (Low alpha solders)

This solder is for forming bumps that reduces soft errors with semiconductors by using proprietary metal refinery and management technologies to limit alpha-particle emission. This solder is used in forming Flip Chip connecting bump electrodes for mainstay CSP and BGAs.

Bonding precious metals

AuSn paste takes advantage of the precious metal properties and is used for highly reliable bonding.

Forming dielectric thin films

Sol-Gel Solutions using metal alkoxide enable to form dielectric thin film, which is used for semiconductor and MEMS fields.
Ferroelectric thin films like PZT, SBT, BLT with uniform composition and thickness, and Oxide thin films like LSCO, are formed on each substrate by spin-coating and followed heat-treatment.