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Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Occupational Safety and Health Policy


Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Sanda Plant recognizes that ensuring safety and health of all employees is corporate social responsibility, and we shall aim and address to create a mentally and physically healthy, bright and pleasant-to-work workplace.


  1. We recognize that ensuring and promoting safety and health shall be realized on the basis of good communication, and we shall conduct the safety and health activities upon the cooperation between all employees with unified labor and management addressing the prevention of occupational accidents.
  2. We shall properly implement the measures carried out in accordance with safety and health management system and its related regulations specified in this plant, and shall improve the management standard of safety and health continuously.
  3. We shall endeavor to maintain the organizational structure in order to promote safety and health activities, and clarify the authority and responsibility.
  4. In all of the corporate activities, we shall strive for the prior evaluation of danger and harm, and thereby reduce the risk.
  5. We shall carry out necessary education and training sufficiently to ensure safety and health for all employees.
  6. We shall endeavor to create the health and a workplace with a good atmosphere thorough "Report, Communication, and Consultation".
  7. We shall have all employees understood the importance of safety and health, and strive to raise awareness of safety and health.
  8. We shall endeavor to ensure the living environment comfortable and clean in hygiene for all employees.
  9. For implementing these policies, we shall set a target and continuously implement effective improvement, with periodic review and investment of the appropriate management resources.
  10. These policies shall broadly be published to the public.

April 1, 2021
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Sanda Plant
General Manager Shuhin Cho