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Sanda Plant's Environment policy

Sanda Plant's Environment policy

In supplying development, design and production activities and services of semi-conductor related products, etc., we at Sanda Plant shall implement environmental control by following the items below in order to the protection of the environment, use resources effectively, recycle, and be in harmony with the global environment.

  1. We shall comply with laws, regulations, rules, agreements other requirements such as customer requirements to which we subscribe. We shall strive to operate in harmony with the environment and to the protection of the environment by setting our own control standards.
  2. In conducting business activities, we shall strive to reduce CO2 by conserving energy, manage chemical substances included products adequately, properly control industrial waste by conserving resources, minimizing toxic substances, promoting recycling, etc.
  3. We shall set environmental objectives, and to continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance through periodic reviews.
  4. We shall develop environmentally-friendly products and technologies, and continuously strive to improve process and products.
  5. We shall communicate with local society, and to try to the protection of the environment.
  6. We shall communicate our environmental policy to all people who work in and for Sanda Plant to enrich environmental education.
  7. We shall disclose the environmental policy to the public.

April 1, 2021
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Sanda Plant
General Manager Shuhin Cho