1) What is a thermistor?

The word Thermistor is a combination of Thermal and Resistor, and they are temperature sensors whose resistance changes with temperature. Temperature is detected by measuring the resistance of the thermistor.


■Thermistor types

Broadly speaking, there are NTC and PTC thermistors.
NTC thermistors are used in many applications because they have a large operational temperature range and are very accurate. PTC thermistors are often used for heating protection because their resistance increases drastically when the temperature exceeds a certain temperature. We develop and manufacture a broad range of NTC sensors using our thermistor elements.


・NTC thermistor (Negative Temperature Coefficient)
NTC thermistors are the industry standard and their resistance decreases as temperature increases.





・Glass-encapsulated thermistor ・Chip thermistor ・Flake thermistor


・PTC thermistor (Positive Temperature Coefficientt)

PTC thermistors’ resistance increases as temperature increases.


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