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Mitsubishi Materials is pleased to offer customers surge absorber countermeasure solutions.


•During development, the product cannot pass UL inspection.
•The product has been damaged by lightning and you'd like to take preventative measures.

Because conditions differ depending on the development model/product variation, it is beneficial to perform actual surge tests.


At the Mitsubishi Materials Ceramics Factory, our engineers, in attendance with the customer, can perform surge tests on a product and offer surge counter-measure solutions. If the customer is unavailable or unable to attend, there is also an option to have the product sent and tested by our engineers alone. Once the test is complete, we can quickly return the product along with a detailed report on the counter-measure solutions.

At our Ceramics factory, it is possible to base the testing on a variety of standards, including IEC61000-4-2,IEC61000-4-5,JEC,JIS,UL ,ITU-T and more.

Please contact your sales representative with any problems you may have.


Surge Test Service Flow

Test   Wave form comments
Lightning Surge Test IEC61000-4-5 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-5:
Testing and measurement techniques - Surge immunity test

●Combination Wave


JEC 0202   ●Voltage Wave
●Electric Current Wave
●Electric Current Wave
ITU-T K.20 Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in a telecommunications
centre to overvoltages and overcurrents
●Voltage Wave
ITU-T K.21 Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in customer premises
to overvoltages and overcurrents
(FCC Part68)
Technical Requirements forConnection of Terminal Equipment
To the Telephone Network
●Voltage Wave
10/560μs~800V 100A
10/160μs-~1.5kV 200A
2/10μs~2.5kV 1kA
ITU-T K.44
(ITU-T K.17)
Tests on power-fed repeaters using solid-state devices in order to check the
arrangements for protection from external interference
●Voltage Wave
IEC61643-311 Components for low-voltage surge protective devices - Part 311:
Specification for gas discharge tubes (GDT)
●Electric Current Wave
Static Electricity Test IEC61000-4-2 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-2:
Testing and measurement techniques - Electrostatic discharge immunity test
●ESD Wave
Maximum Voltage Applied:〜30kV
C Unit :100p〜500pF
Arc Resistance:150Ω〜10kΩ
ISO10605 Road vehicles. Test methods for electrical disturbances
from electrostatic discharge (British Standard)
JASO D001 General rules of environmental testing methods for
automotive electronic equipment
JASO D010 Road vehicles and automotive Parts - Electrical disturbances
from electrostatic discharges
Lightning Tolerance Level Test IEEE std.
Surge Voltages in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits ●Linking Surge Wave
0.5μ-100kHz 6kVmax
Noise Simulation JEC 0103   ●Pulse Voltage Wave
Maximum Voltage Applied:4kV
Pulse Amplitude:50ns〜1,000ns
Fast Transient Vast Test IEC61000-4-4

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-4:
Testing and measurement techniques - Electrical fast transient/burst
immunity test

●Vast Immunity Test
1)Pulse Repetition:2.5kHz〜5KHz
Vast Duration:8msec〜30msec
Vast Repetition:150msec〜600msec
2)Vast Repetition:10KHz
Vast Duration:8msec〜65msec
Vast Repetition:300msec〜600msec

others UL497A Secondary Protectors for Communications Circuits ●Excessive Voltage Test
*) Other standard excessive voltage tests supported
others   ●Voltage Wave

Please inquire for tests other than those above.

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