Antenna Tuning and Optimization Service

We are pleased to offer customers antenna design solutions.

We utilize anechoic chamber so that we can respond promptly to requests from customers.



The active (OTA) test for cellular band

By a combination of Reverberation chamber and Communication tester , the OTA measurement is possible fast.
It is based on the RF transmit and receive test of various communication methods for 3GPP.
The latest communication method:Carrier Aggregation ⇒2CA / 2x2 MIMO is available.

Supported Measurements
Total Radiated Power
Total Isotoropic Sensitivity
Communication System
  Conformed to 3GPP test specification TS 34.114
   ・LTE FDD / LTE-Advanced
   ・LTE TDD / LTE-Advanced
   ・W-CDMA / HSPA+
   ・2x2 SIMO / MIMO
Test Time (Typical)
TRP Measurements 5 min./channel
TIS Measurements 15 min./channel

Measurement System

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Reverberation Test System(BLUETEST AB)

The reverberation chamber make it possible to measure in a short time radiation efficiency of small antennas for multi-path enviroment such as W-CDMA, GSM, LTE, Bluetooth and W-LAN.

This test system is an alternative to conventional evaluation method of integration of the three-dimensional radiation pattern data measured in the anechoic chamber.
The system is particularly suitable to measure terminals in the immediate vicinity of a head phantom in order to evaluate human body effects.


Supported Measurements Antenna Efficiency Measurements
Passive Diversity
Passive Multi-Input Multi-Outpu(t MIMO)
Frequency Range 650MHz~6GHz
RF Shielding > 100dB
Accuracy 0.3dB (STD)
Repeatability 0.1dB (STD)
Test Time (Typical) Passive Antenna Measurements 1 min
Passive Diversity Gain 1 min
Passive MIMO Capacity 1 min

Reverberation chamber

Head Phantom

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Specifications of Anechoic Chamber and Facilities

We can measure radiation characteristic of smart-phones, feature-phones,
LTE Devices from all-round views with three-dimensional measurement system.
We always try to upgrade our antenna technical support for customer satisfaction.

Structure Inner wall 6 surfaces of 2 layer ferrite tile + styrene foam absorber
Size 3 Meter Anechoic Chamber
Interior dimensions: 6.1m (W) ×3.1m (D) ×2.5m (H)
Shield surface size: 7.0m (W) ×4.0m (D) ×3.0m (H)
Electric efficiency Quiet zone φ50cm (spherical), center height 1.05m
Antenna measurement 300MHz - 18GHz
EMI measurement 30MHz - 1GHz
Electromagnetic shield characteristics 150kHz - 18GHz
Power source line characteristics 150kHz - 18GHz
Supplement equipment Antenna positioner
ITV system
three-dimensional measurement system (Switch to three-dimensional measurement)
Measurement equipment Antenna Dipole, Bi- conical, log periodic, horn
Signal generator
Spectrum analyzer
Network analyzer

Anechoic Chamber

three-dimensional measurement system

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