Thermistor of operating
temperature range-40℃to175℃


Want a heat-resistant product compatible with SiC power semiconductors

  • Looking for a surface mount thermistor that is heat resistant to 175℃ to detect temperature abnormalities in the elements of the power module.
  • Want to ensure temperature measurement accuracy even at high temperatures.
  • Looking for a thermistor that is suitable for vacuum reflow and formic acid reflow mounting.

Solution Overview

The upper limit of the operating temperature of conventional chip thermistors was up to 150℃, but to detect overheating abnormalities in power semiconductors, the thermistor needs to be able to measure up to 175℃. As a solution, we selected a thermistor material composition with excellent long-term resistance stability even in a high temperature environment. We are proud to offer our TK series to which our unique 4-sided glass coat structure is applied.

■ Features

  • Thermistor material composition with excellent long-term resistance stability even in a high temperature environment
  • Adopted a terminal structure that is suitable for harsh conditions such as vacuum reflow
  • AEC-Q200 compliant

■ Applications

Power module, inverter, PCU


Part No. TK11-4H104F
Resistance R25℃ 100kΩ
Resistance Tolerance ±1%
B Value B25/50 4380K
B Value Tolerance ±1%(±0.5%)
Operating Temperature -40℃~+175℃
Dimensions L:1.6mm W:0.8mm t=0.7mmMax

*Please contact us for other characteristics.


  • Before

    Since the upper limit of the operating temperature of the conventional chip thermistor was 150℃, it was not able to detect the temperature abnormality of the power element.

  • After

    By using a 175℃-resistant thermistor, it is possible to detect temperature abnormalities and improve the temperature measurement accuracy, so the thermistor can be used for power module applications.

  • Heat resistance test n = 20 average (solder used M705)
  • Temperature accuracy



    Our thermistor (TK series) can measure temperatures up to 175℃, it has excellent heat resistance, and is ideal for monitoring the temperature of power modules.


    The temperature accuracy is about ±3℃ when the B value tolerance is ±1% at 175℃ ; and about ±1.5℃ for the high accuracy ±0.5% option, which is superior to other standard products in temperature accuracy at high temperatures.


    Since our chip thermistor is 4-sided glass-coated, it has high environmental reflow resistance.
    *Please contact us for test implementation.


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