After-sales support


There are problems when using paste in mass production

  • I bought the AuSn paste and tried to use it, but it does not melt properly. I would like to discuss how to improve it.
  • I purchased the AuSn paste, but does not melt even under the recommended reflow conditions, probably due to the circuit board being made of a special material.
  • I want to try using the AuSn paste, but I do not own the proper equipment's yet, since it requires a large initial investment to try.

Solution Overview

Regarding the optimization of AuSn paste usage conditions, Mitsubishi Materials is able to follow up on your problems based on our abundant knowledge. In addition, we have all the evaluation equipments, so if you consult us, we can perform the initial evaluation with an eye on mass production.

An example of our equipment

  • Paste automatic printing machine
  • Dispenser
  • Heat-convection-type reflow furnace
  • Shear strength measuring device
  • Transmission X-ray equipment
  • Formic acid reflow equipment



  • Before

    When having trouble bonding the materials well with another company's product, I could not solve the problem because I could not get proper help from the supplier.

  • After

    At Mitsubishi Materials, optimization of usage conditions, technical follow-up and problem solving are possible based on our abundant knowledge.


This is an introduction video of our AuSn paste.



    We can support a wide variety of customers problems such as wanting to reduce voids, or improve poor melting.


    We can also support initial evaluation with an eye on mass production.


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