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The progress in IT and electronics technologies has made our lives significantly more convenient through such items as personal computers, smartphones and tablet devices, not to mention automobiles and home appliances. Our Electronic Materials & Components Business supplies the electronics industry with unique, high-value-added products made from our distinctive materials.

Business Summary

Major products of Electronic Materials & Components Business.

In the Electronic Materials and Components Business, we have a lineup of products such as processed silicon products for semiconductor equipment, sealing materials, low-alpha solder plating chemicals, thermistor sensors for automobiles, and heat-ray shielding paints. We have multiple products with the world's No.1 market share. Our business is composed of four divisions: advanced materials, electronic components, chemical products (Mitsubishi Materials Electronic Chemicals Co., Ltd.), and seals (Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd.).

Targets and Strategy

Aiming to Remain a Highly Profitable Business Entity with Products That Have a Leading Share of World Markets

In Advanced materials division, we focus on semiconductor field to further expand our sales of low-alpha ray soldering materials and processed silicon products.
In Electronic components division, we are reinforcing our manufacturing and sales structures in line with the growing prevalence of energy-saving air conditioners in emerging markets.


Development of Inorganic Black Pigment "NITRBLACK® UB-2
- More than 50% improvement of UV transmittance by further development of the world's first technology -

Powder of NITRBLACK<sup>®️</sup> UB-2 Powder of NITRBLACK®️ UB-2

UV-cured resin using NITRBLACK<sup>®️</sup> UB-2<br> (1cm of thickness) UV-cured resin using NITRBLACK®️ UB-2
(1cm of thickness)

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and its consolidated subsidiary, Mitsubishi Materials Electronic Chemicals Corporation, have developed NITRBLACK®️ UB-2, which improved the transmittance of ultraviolet rays ("UV") more than 50% compared to conventional inorganic black pigments.

Black peripheral materials are used as light shielding materials in liquid crystal displays, optical sensors, etc., and light-curing technology that enables low-temperature processing is utilized for their formation. However, with conventional technologies, black pigments absorb light in the UV range necessary for curing, resulting in insufficient curing.

In 2017, we developed the world's first inorganic black pigment with high UV transparency, and now, by further developing this technology, we have succeeded in developing "NITRBLACK®️ UB-2" with improved transparency in the UV region by more than 50%. This new product reduces the UV irradiation time for resin curing to less than a quarter of the conventional UV irradiation time (according to our test results), and enables curing of thicker resin films.

It is expected to be used in a wider range of applications in the future, and is also expected to improve energy efficiency used in customers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The Electronic Materials & Components Business Company conducts business in four divisions: advanced materials, chemical products, electronic components, and seals.

Advanced Materials

1982 Commenced production of precision rolled products at the Osaka Refinery
1989 Established the Sanda Plant
2004 Established the Shizuoka DBA Center
2012 Established MMC Electronic Materials Taiwan Co., Ltd. (predecessors MMC Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd., established in 1995 and MUE Materials Taiwan Co., Ltd., established in 2006)

Chemical Products

1991 Established JEMCO Inc. (predecessors Tohoku Fertilizer Corp. established in 1938, Japan Electronic Metals Corp. established in 1959)
2009 JEMCO Inc. changed name to Mitsubishi Materials Electronic Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Electronic Components

1983 Launched ceramics plant
1987 Established MMC Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
1993 Established MMC Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.
2014 Established MMC Electronics Laos Co., Ltd.


1907 Established Nippon Densen Manufacturing limited partnership company
1986 Changed name to Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd.
2010 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation


Mitsubishi Materials Thermal Management Solution for xEVs

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