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Providing Management Support to Address the Issues Faced by Diverse Group Companies

Related businesses center on engineering and trading companies that support the operations of Mitsubishi Materials’ businesses. These companies are expanding their sphere of activities from Japan to locations overseas.

Business Summary

Hokuryo Corp. Bibai Strip MineGold Card of Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corp.

Our engineering companies offer comprehensive engineering services, such as designing nonferrous metal, chemical, pharmaceutical and diverse other plants, as well as providing maintenance services after the plants are constructed. Our trading companies engage in unique businesses, including domestic coal extraction and sales of gold. In the regional development arena, we conduct tours at disused mining sites.


Sado Gold MineSado Gold Mine

Many of the Company's related businesses got their start as departments supporting the Group's coal and metal mining operations. Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation started by providing mine maintenance and construction services. Kanko Kodo was established to provide employment at disused metal mines and communicate our history of industrial development to future generations.

1947 Established Ryoko Sangyo Corporation (now Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation)
1950 Established Ote Real Estate Corporation (now Mitsubishi Materials Real Estate Corporation)
1955 Established Sakito Salt Corporation (now Diasalt Co., Ltd.)
1958 Established Ote Kosan Co., Ltd. (now Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation)
1961 Established Hokuryo Sangyo Corporation (now Hokuryo Corporation)
1963 Established Tohoku Automobile Kogyo Corporation (now Diaplaza Corporation)
1969 Established Toi Marine Kanko Co., Ltd.
1970 Established Golden Sado Inc.
1974 Established Silver Ikuno Inc.
1985 Established Ryoko Finance Co., Ltd. (now Materials' Finance Co., Ltd.)
2003 Transferred nuclear power engineering business to Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation
2015 Transferred jewelry business to Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation
2017 Established Kitakyushu Ash Recycle Systems Co., Ltd.
2021 Transferred etuity of Dia Plaza Co., Ltd.
2023 Absorbed Materials' Finance Co., Ltd.
2023 Transferred equity of Diasalt Co., Ltd.
2023 Established Mitsubishi Materials IT Solutions Co., Ltd.



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