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In the automotive and aircraft industries, demand for leading-edge materials and technologies continues to grow. The Advanced Materials & Tools Business Company applies technological expertise accumulated over years to meet these needs. We supply customers around the world with cemented carbide products, which are essential to parts processing, and sintered parts—key components for engines and transmissions.

Business Summary

Sintered ProductsSintered Products

The Advanced Materials & Tools Business conducts its business in two primary categories; cemented carbide products and sintered parts.
The cemented carbide products department provides an extensive lineup of cutting tools used in processes including lathe turning, milling, and drilling, as well as abrasion-resistant tools and construction tools. The department manufactures these products in Japan and overseas, sells them in global markets, and has a leading share of the Japanese market.
We are also undertaking the recycling of tungsten, a rare metal, and focusing on the recovery of used cemented carbide tools.
In the sintered parts department, we produce sintered parts for automobile engines and transmissions at five locations around the world, helping to meet the growing need to increase fuel efficiency for eco-cars and other vehicles and shift toward the use of electric cars.


Targets and Strategy


In the Advanced Materials & Tools Business, by the early 2020s we aim to garner a world market share of more than 10% for cemented carbide products and attain the top rate of sales in the industry for sintered parts. Targeting the automotive, aircraft and medical industries, which are focus areas for this business, we aim to reinforce our product supply capabilities, as well as our ability to resolve problems. We are also working to increase sales to major customers in various industries. As we expect overseas demand for both cemented carbide products and sintered parts to continue growing, we are aggressively strengthening and expanding our overseas production, technical and sales bases.



Operating as Your Global Craftsman Studio, with Technical Centers at Five Locations around the World

Manufacturing evolves constantly. As a company that manufactures and sells cutting tools, our mission is to provide products that meet customers' needs in a timely manner.
To achieve this goal, it is essential that we make an aggressive push to ensure that we ascertain issues faced at the locations where our customers are developing their operations globally, then provide optimal proposals that leverage the expertise we have accumulated over years and verify their implementation.
We make full use of our technical centers in Japan, the United States, China, Thailand and Europe, operating under the brand message of “Your Global Craftsman Studio” and communicating with our customers on a daily basis.



Tokyo Metals Plant (1950s)Tokyo Metals Plant (1950s)

Tsukuba Plant (2015)Tsukuba Plant (2015)

Our Advanced Materials & Tools Business began in 1931 with the sale of cemented carbide tools under the product name of “Tridia.” In 1947, we began using a powdered metallurgical process to produce oil-impregnated bearings at the Niigata Metals Plant, which led toward the development of the sintered products we offer today.

1942 Established the Tokyo Metals Plant (later the Tokyo Plant, relocated to Tsukuba in 1991)
1944 Established the Niigata Metals Plant (now Diamet Corporation)
1963 Established Japan New Metals Co., Ltd.
1966 Established Mitsubishi Mallory Metallurgical Co., Ltd. (later Mitsubishi Materials C.M.I. Corporation, now NIDEC Sankyo CMI Corporation)
1973 Established the Gifu Plant
1974 Established Mitsubishi Metals Spain SA (now Mitsubishi Materials España, S.A.)
1984 Established Mitsubishi Metals America Corporation (now Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. Corporation)
1987 Established the Fujioka Plant (now Fujioka Plant of Diamet Corporation)
1991 Established the Tsukuba Plant (relocated from Tokyo Plant)
1993 Established Diamet Klang (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
1994 Established Techno Ote Processing Corporation (now MMC Ryotec Corporation)
1995 Established MMC Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
1996 Established Tianjin Tianling Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.
1997 Established MMC Metal Fabrication PT. (Indonesia)
2000 Acquired Kobelco Tool Co., Ltd. (now Akashi Plant)
2001 Established Miracle Tools America LLC
2013 Established Guangzhou Diamet Corporation
2015 Converted Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd., to consolidated subsidiary, changed name to Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.
2017 Transferred in equity in Hitachi Metals MMC Superalloy, Ltd.