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Aluminum Beverage Cans are Excellent Source of Recyclable Materials

Aluminum is a metal used in many aspects of our everyday lives. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum has a variety of features that distinguish it from other metals, including thermal conductivity and recyclability, making it well-suited for a wide range of uses, from industrial products to consumer items.
In its Aluminum Business, Mitsubishi Materials employs a host of high-precision technologies to handle various aluminum processes—such as melting, casting, rolling and can manufacturing—and provide customers with products with the optimal properties and shapes to meet their applications.

Business Summary

Production Line of Aluminum BottlesProduction Line of Aluminum Bottles

Used Beverage CansUsed Beverage Cans

The Mitsubishi Materials Group's Aluminum business divides broadly into two categories: fabricated aluminum and processed aluminum products, and aluminum beverage cans.
Mitsubishi Aluminum Co., Ltd., handles the manufacture and sale of fabricated aluminum and processed aluminum products. The company manufactures and sells aluminum beverage can materials; automotive parts including heat exchangers and bumper materials; litho sheets; lithium-ion battery cases and aluminum electrolytic capacitors; foil for use in pharmaceutical packaging; and heatsinks for electric trains; as well as other items.
Universal Can Corp. manufactures and sells aluminum beverage cans. The company provides unique products to meet the needs of customers and consumers, such as aluminum bottles, which offer excellent resealability, and embossed cans, which permit a variety of designs and added functions.
In addition, for more than 30 years, we have been conducting "can-to-can" recycling, involving the re-melting of used aluminum cans and production of new cans, thereby saving materials and energy.


Targets and Strategy


In the fabricated aluminum and processed aluminum products business, we are reinforcing our overseas manufacturing bases in the aim of becoming the world leader in extruded multi-port tubes for automotive heat exchangers.
Also aiming to acquire the top share of the domestic market in our business of aluminum cans for beverages, as well as to be the domestic leader in the utilization of used beverage cans, we are enhancing our existing facilities and stepping up our aluminum can recycling efforts.



Establishment of Company in India to Manufacture and Sell Extruded Multi-Hole Tubes for Heat Exchangers and Start of Production at New Factory

MA Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd. MA Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd.

Mitsubishi Aluminum has established MA Extrusion India Private Limited as a new global supply base for extruded multi-hole tubes for heat exchangers, adding on to existing supply bases in Japan, the United States, Thailand and China. The company completed construction of a new factory in August 2015. Following test operations, commercial production is slated to commence in December 2015. In addition to developing operations to meet anticipated demand increases in India, Mitsubishi Aluminum aims to step up growth in its extruded multi-port tubes business through a global manufacturing and sales system comprising five global locations.



Mitsubishi Aluminum Fuji Plant (at its start)Mitsubishi Aluminum Fuji Plant (at its start)

Thermalex Inc. (U.S.A)Thermalex Inc. (U.S.A)

Rolled and Processed Aluminum Business (now Mitsubishi Aluminum)

In 1962, Mitsubishi Reynolds Aluminum Co., Ltd., was established as the aluminum fabricating and processing company of the Mitsubishi Group, with central involvement from Mitsubishi Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (Mitsubishi Materials' predecessor) and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, through an alliance with Reynolds International, Inc., a comprehensive U.S. aluminum manufacturer.

1962 Mitsubishi Reynolds Aluminum (now Mitsubishi Aluminum) established
1965 Fuji Plant completed
1970 Name changed to Mitsubishi Aluminum Co., Ltd.
1985 Established Thermalex Inc. (U.S.A)
1996 Established MALC-THAI Co., Ltd.
1997 Established MUANG-MAX (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.
2004 Established MA CHINA EXTRUSION (SHUZHOU) Co., Ltd.
2013 Established MA Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd.

Universal Can Corp. Fujioyama PlantUniversal Can Corp. Fujioyama Plant

Aluminum Beverage Can Business (now Universal Cans)

We embarked on the aluminum beverage can business in 1972, soon after aluminum beverage cans began to appear in Japan.

1972 Entered the aluminum beverage can business, established the Fujioyama Plant
1974 Established the Gifu Plant
1975 Embarked on the used aluminum beverage cans recovery business
1976 Established the Okayama Plant
1977 Established the Aluminum Can Development Center
1990 Established the Yuki Plant
2005 Universal Can Corporation established by integrating the aluminum beverage can business of Mitsubishi Materials and that of Hokkaican Co., Ltd. (now Hokkan Holdings Limited)