Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Strategically Create Intellectual Property that Contributes to Business, and Reduce Intellectual Property Risk

Contributing to technology and development strategies by presenting options for business development of Mitsubishi Materials Group, by making proposals that contribute to business and development strategies in the creation of intellectual property and negotiations with other companies including disputes and licenses, and by maintaining and improving the level of intellectual property governance within the company and the Group's business divisions.

Intellectual Property Policy of Mitsubishi Materials Group

With the increasing importance of intangible assets including intellectual property, and the belief that we should maximize the value of intellectual property and intangible assets of the entire Group, we have established the Intellectual Property Policy of Mitsubishi Materials Group and the Intellectual Property Regulations of Mitsubishi Materials Group which set out the direction of intellectual property activities for the entire Group. By sharing the direction that the entire Group should aim for, we are more actively promoting intellectual property activities.

The Intellectual Property Policy of Mitsubishi Materials Group

Through our intellectual property activities, we contribute to "For people, society and the earth, circulating resources for a sustainable future."

  1. We implement strategic intellectual property right formation in line with business and development strategies, ensure appropriate protection both in Japan and overseas, and apply effective utilization for the purposes of our business activities.
  2. We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and establish systems to prevent infringement.
  3. We encourage new inventions and innovations, and establish appropriate incentive systems for inventors.
  4. We work to earn the trust and confidence of stakeholders by fostering and protecting our brands.
  5. We strengthen controls on counterfeit products distributed globally and ensure the implementation of countermeasures.
  6. We cultivate human resources that make strategic use of intellectual property information, and provide appropriate education systems and environments to achieve this.

Vision and mission

Overview of the Mitsubishi Materials Group's Intellectual Property System

Overview of the Mitsubishi Materials Group's Intellectual Property System

Strategic Intellectual Property Formation Activities and Strengthening the Governance System

While utilizing intellectual property information analysis, we promotes "strategic dialogue" between business divisions and intellectual property divisions with the aim of forming strategic intellectual property.
In addition, we have strengthened its governance system through regular reports to the Strategic Management Committee and the Board of Directors and deliberations in the Meeting of Executive Officers and the Board of Directors.

Strategic Intellectual Property Formation Activities and Strengthening the Governance System

Strategic Dialogue (Strategic Utilization of Intellectual Property Information)

From the development policy review stage, We, Intellectual Property Dept., make strategic analysis of intellectual property. We have conversations (strategic dialogue) with business divisions (including top management) to add intellectual property perspectives to management and business policies.

Strategic Dialogue (Strategic Use of Intellectual Property Information)

As an effect of the strategic dialogue, we aim to reduce various risks that occur during the commercialization stage and at the same time to form intellectual property rights that contribute to our business.

Promotion of Branding

Mitsubishi Materials has branded new materials and is actively building them.


GloBrass and ECO BRASS are lead-free brass with excellent machinability alloys that are controlled to a lead content of 0.09% or less and complies with the EU's ELV Directive, RoHS Directive, and various regulations such as drinking water.


MOFC is a lineup of high-quality, high-performance oxygen-free copper products incorporating our core technologies-oxygen-free copper production technology and material-design technology.
In 2021, an oxygen-free copper MOFC-HR that meets high strength and heat resistance was newly added.


CLEANBRIGHT is an alloy that maintains the sterility and antiviral properties of copper but does not cause discoloration. It combines high strength and processability as a material, and can be processed into a variety of parts that require antimicrobial properties.

Invention Reward System

Mitsubishi Materials has established Employee Invention Regulations in which an invention reward system is implemented.
In addition to providing a fixed amount of reward at the time of filing and registration of patents, utility models, and designs, performance rewards are provided when there is a certain profit to which the patents, utility models, and designs contributed.
Through the revision of the regulations, we have attempted to promote inventions, such as eliminating the upper limit on the amount of incentive money and applying it to confidential inventions.
We will continue to improve our incentives for inventors so that they can be fairly evaluated.

Intellectual Property Education

We provide training for Group employees to improve their intellectual property literacy, utilize intellectual property information in business activities, and form effective intellectual property. In addition to Trainings by job grade for the purpose of acquiring knowledge about general intellectual property, practical trainings aiming for specialized and strategic utilization of intellectual property is provided as selective education.

Intellectual property education

Number of Registered Patents, Domestic and Overseas

Number of registered patents of Mitsubishi Materials. (As of the end of February 2024)

Domestic and Overseas Patent Rights Held



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