February 19, 2024

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Awarded the Silver Prize for the First Time
at the Ministry of the Environment's 5th ESG Finance Awards Japan

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has been awarded the Silver Prize (the Minister of the Environment Award) for the first time in the Environmentally Sustainable Category of the 5th ESG Finance Awards Japan, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment.

The ESG Finance Awards Japan, which is intended for promoting and expanding ESG financing, commends advanced initiatives taken by institutional investors, financial institutions, intermediaries, companies, and other organizations that have made an impact on society by actively engaging in ESG financing or environmental and social work.
The Environmentally Sustainable Category is designed to show investors and companies specific examples of companies that incorporate responses to key opportunities and risks related to environment into their management strategies to produce positive environmental effects while increasing corporate value. In line with formulating the Medium-term Management Strategy FY2031, we set out "Our Commitment" of "For people, society and the earth, circulating resources for a sustainable future," and received the Silver Prize in recognition of the value to the global environment that we aim to create through our business.

Under our Corporate Philosophy of "For People, Society and the Earth," the Mitsubishi Materials Group will continue to actively engage in ESG activities in order to achieve sustainable corporate value improvement.


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February 21, 2023
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