The Mitsubishi Materials Group upholds its Corporate Philosophy, "For People, Society and the Earth" and are committed to earning the trust of our stakeholders by sincerely fulfilling our social responsibilities through our business activities.
We will further accelerate our proactive engagement with sustainability. The Mitsubishi Materials Group will pursue its journey for sustainable growth as we work to fulfill Our Commitment.

Sustainability Policy

1. Build a Work Environment that puts Safety and Health First
We place utmost priority on safety and health. We will build a work environment that eliminates work-related accidents, ensures occupational health, maintains employee wellness and reinforces risk management that mitigates adverse impacts from emergency situations including natural disasters and global infectious diseases.
2. Respect Human Rights
Respect for human rights is considered to be the foundation of the business activities of the Mitsubishi Materials Group. We respect the principles enshrined in the international human rights instruments.
3. Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We embrace diversity and acknowledge its importance in creating new value. We will promote diversity, equity and inclusion as a source of sustainable growth within the Group.
4. Cultivate Mutual Prosperity with Stakeholders
We will communicate proactively with our stakeholders – including shareholders, investors, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, global and local communities – to foster mutual understanding toward mutual prosperity.
5. Strengthen Corporate Governance and Risk Management
We will strengthen corporate governance and reinforce risk management systems to ensure legal compliance. Fulfilling regulatory requirements is a prerequisite for enhancing our business operations and preventing corporate scandals from arising.
6. Engage in Fair Business Transactions and Responsible Sourcing
We will engage in fair and responsible business transactions with all our suppliers and business partners. We will strive to ensure responsible procurement of minerals and other raw materials in collaboration with our suppliers and business partners.
7. Ensure Stable Provision of Safe, Secure, and High Value Added Products
We practice quality control and pursue innovative solutions to develop safe and secure products, services and solutions with high added value to society.
8. Proactive Engagement for the Global Environment
We recognize the critical importance of environmental conservation. We will engage proactively in resource recycling, decarbonization and biodiversity conservation across all areas of our operations, from procurement of raw materials to the development, manufacturing, distribution, consumption, disposal, and recycling of materials and products.

(Stipulated on December 1, 2021)


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