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November 22, 2023

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Notice Regarding the Issuance of the Transition-Linked Bonds

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation ("MMC") has established the Transition-Linked Finance Framework ("the framework") to promote our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. Based on the framework, MMC has prepared to issue the Transition-Linked Bonds. (*1)

Press release on November 1, 2023: "Established the Transition-Linked Finance Framework"
MMC announces today its decision to issue the Transition-Linked Bonds (38th unsecured Bonds) under the following conditions. MMC will promote its initiatives to realize carbon neutrality by utilizing the funds raised through the issuance of the Transition-Linked Bonds.

Overview of the Transition-Linked Bonds Issuance Conditions
Name of the Bonds
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation 38th unsecured Bonds (limited inter-bond pari passu clause) (Transition-Linked Bonds)
5 years
Issue Amount
JPY 20 billion
Amount of Each Bonds
JPY 100 million
Issue Price
JPY 100 per face value of JPY 100
0.863% per annum
Pricing Date
November 22, 2023
Issue Date
November 29, 2023
Maturity Date
November 29, 2028
Interest Payment Date
29th each of May and November annually
Credit Rating
A- (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.)
Renewable energy utilization rate (*2)
SPT (*3)
Achieve 30% renewable energy utilization rate by FY2026
Determination date: At the end of August 2026
Lead Managers
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. / Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. / Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. / Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.
Structuring Agent
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.
External Review
Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Ratio of renewable electricity purchased by MMC (including electricity procured by other companies) divided by total electricity purchased
Sustainability Performance Target. Set targets to be achieved with respect to key performance indicators (KPIs)

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