October 13, 2023

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Certified as a Healthy Company Declaration Gold Certification

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation was certified as a Healthy Company Declaration Gold Certification(*), which is recognized by health company declaration Tokyo promotion meeting.

We regard the health management of our employees as a management issue and have been promoting health management in a strategic manner by establishing the Mitsubishi Materials Health and Productivity Management Declaration in 2020, developing a health management promotion system headed by the Chief Executive Officer, and formulating basic policies, among other efforts.

Against this backdrop and in line with the idea that "we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our stakeholders," we have worked in cooperation with Mitsubishi Materials Health Insurance Society on priority initiatives, including addressing high-risk factors for physical health, conducting mental health initiatives, and offering training to raise health awareness and provide basic knowledge. In addition, we conducted various activities, such as holding committee meetings to discuss work hour reductions, improving the attendance management system, implementing company-wide measures to prevent overwork, establishing a system to support the physical and mental health of employees, and establishing an infectious disease prevention system. These efforts were commended, and as a result, we were granted this certification.

We will continue to implement the creation of vibrant workplaces and promote the mental and physical health of our employees and their families with the aim of becoming a more health-conscious organization.

A system in which a company is certified as an Excellent Health Company by health company declaration Tokyo promotion meeting, which consists of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, medical insurers, business associations and medical associations in the Metropolis, and other bodies, when the company has made a declaration to work on health promotion on a company-wide basis and has achieved a certain level of success.
Entrant companies will apply to the Silver Certification (Step 1), and the certified companies can apply to the Gold Certification (Step 2).
Gold Certification
Gold Certification

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