Management Strategy

Long-term Management Policy : Overview

Long-term Management Policy

Operating Strategy by Segment

Cement Business

Medium- and Long-term goals Become a leading company in terms of efficiency in the cement industry.
Become a local-area champion in overseas.
Business policy Become superior in a domestic market that is contracting as it matures.
Grow overseas businesses with the support of stable cash income from domestic businesses.

Metals Business

Medium- and long-term goals Increase synergy between new copper mine development and smelting.
Expand the recycling business and increase its profitability.
Build high rolling-margin profitability.
Business policy Contribute to a recycling-oriented society through metals from manufacturing to recycling.

Advanced Materials & Tools Business

Medium- and long-term goals Become a global player capable of providing high value-added products and service solutions.
Business policy We aspire to become an energetic company with a "WakuWaku" feeling as well as a trusted genuine partner of our customers through a relentless pursuit of "speed" and "innovation" from our customers' perspective, consistently making things happen.

Electronic Materials & Components Business

Medium- and long-term goals Become a highly profitable business entity that provides materials (solutions as well as products) required by growth market in timely manner by responding to changes in the business environment quickly.
Business policy Lineup of high value-added products.
Generate and expand profits by concentrating resources on growth businesses and products.
Develop and nurture strong new businesses.

Aluminum Business

Medium- and long-term goals (Rolling and processing) Establish a presence in the global market for automotive heat exchanger materials.
(Can manufacturing) Gain the No.1 share of the domestic aluminum can market and expand business overseas.
Business policy Pursue business strategies that utilize the strengths of the rolling and can manufacturing businesses, respectively.

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