Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

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Corporate Philosophy and Vision

For People, Society and the Earth.

Based on its corporate philosophy of "For People, Society and the Earth", the Group's vision is "We will become the leading business group committed to creating a sustainable society through materials innovation, with use of our unique and distinctive technologies, for People, Society and the Earth"

Corporate Philosophy

Mission of MMC

To achieve the vision, we have established the below Mission of MMC.

Striving for both social value and economic value

Contribute to build a richer society by providing nonferrousmetal materials, mainly copper, and high-value-added functional materials and products.
Contribute to build a recycling-oriented society by providing recyclable products and advanced technology-based waste recycling.

Management Strategy

Corporate History

The Mitsubishi Group was born when Tsukumo Shokai, the forerunner of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, entered the coal and metal mining business.
For nearly 150 years, the Company has supported Japan's rapid development as it has grown by diversifying its operations and refor reforming its business s structures to mee neet social needs that changed with the times.
We will continue our tradition of creating new raw materials, products and solutions, and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

150th Anniversary

Mitsubishi Materials Group 150th Anniversary

In May 2021, Mitsubishi Materials Group will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its founding.
Thanks to everyone who has joined us on this journey of a century and a half!


Corporate History

Our Business

Copper and Copper Alloy Business

Supporting the Industrial Infrastructure and Affluent Life with Our Exclusive Technologies
We process copper that we smelt into products of various shapes, such as terminal materials for automobiles, copper tubes for air conditioners, and semiconductor lead frames.
We will continue to contribute to the development of industrial and social infrastructure around the world by developing and supplying new products with high quality and performance based on our proprietary technologies.

Electronic Materials and Components Business

Delivering Outstanding Development Skills and the On-Site Capabilities to Win out in the Business world
The progress in IT and electronics technologies has made our lives significantly more convenient through such items as personal computers, smartphones and tablet devices, not to mention automobiles and home appliances. Our Electronic Materials & Components Business supplies the electronics industry with unique, high-value-added products made from our disinctive materials.

Metalworking Solutions Business

Your Global Craftsman Studio, for You and the World
In the automotive and aircraft industries, demand for leading-edge materials and technologies continues to grow. The Advanced Materials & Tools Business Company applies technological expertise accumulated over years to meet these needs. We supply customers around the world with cemented carbide products, which are essential to parts processing.

Metals Business

Making the Stable Supply and Recycling of Metal Materials as Our Mission
The roots of our Metals Business trace back to 1873 when the Company acquired the Yoshioka Mine. We have supported the development of Japanese industry and society for more than a century by providing copper and other metals, which are essential materials for a host of industries. Our customer base has now spread out in the global market. We have established a recycling system for recovering gold, silver, and other valuable metals from the scrap of electronic equipment and other products, which is also called urban mining. We are thus proactive in taking initiatives for the effective utilization of resources.

Cement Business

Cement, a Key Material Contributing to the Development of Civilization
Used in roadways, bridges, dams, airports, buildings, waterworks and a host of other applications, it would be no exaggeration to think of cement as providing a city’s “bones.”
Mitsubishi Materials’ cement has been used in Abeno Harukas and numerous other high-rise buildings in city centers in Japan, as well as Colorado River Bridge atop the Hoover Dam—a historic structure in the United States.

Environment and Energy Business

Working to Reinforce a Recycling-Based Business Model Throughout the Group to Realize the “Materials Premium”
Using the Earth’s limited resources wisely is an issue common to all of humankind. Mitsubishi Materials has adopted this mission throughout all its businesses, and each day we undertake a host of activities to this end. One facet of this mission is our Environment & Energy business. This business focuses on fields that involve the entire Group in all its operations, including the energy and environmental and recycling businesses, among others.

Aluminum Business

Aluminum Beverage Cans are Excellent Source of Recyclable Materials
Aluminum is a metal used in many aspects of our everyday lives. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum has a variety of features that distinguish it from other metals, including thermal conductivity and recyclability, making it well-suited for a wide range of uses, from industrial products to consumer items.
In its Aluminum Business, Mitsubishi Materials employs a host of high-precision technologies to handle various aluminum processes—such as melting, casting, rolling and can manufacturing—and provide customers with products with the optimal properties and shapes to meet their applications.

Affiliated Business

Providing Management Support to Address the Issues Faced by Diverse Group Companies
Related businesses center on engineering and trading companies that support the operations of Mitsubishi Materials’ businesses. These companies are expanding their sphere of activities from Japan to locations overseas.

Research and Development

Constantly Taking on Challenges of Technological Innovation Deriving from Our Materials Technologies
The Mitsubishi Materials Group aims to contribute to people, society and the Earth through application of its unique technologies. We aim to create products and technologies that distinguish our Group and enable us to win out in the global materials market, as well as propelling us forward to become a leading corporate group.

Scale of MMC's business

Strengths of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Integrated Report

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation as the No.1 Company

The Company operates diverse businesses, ranging from nonferrous metals and other fundamental materials to metalworking, the manufacturing of aluminum beverage cans, semiconductors and electronic components, and the Environment & Energy Business. In each business, the Company holds the No.1 position in production volume, sales volume, etc.

*Solder materials for the reduction of soft errors (malfunctions) in semiconductors, which are attributed to the alpha rays generated by solder