5minutes Digest of MMC

Corporate Philosophy

For People, Society and the Earth.

We have the desire to deliver.

The materials and products we make and deliver,
the solutions we offer,
all of our efforts,
and our very existence itself is “For People, Society and the Earth.”

This is our desire, which is reflected in our Corporate Philosophy.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Commitment

The Mitsubishi Materials Group has established

“For people, society and the earth, circulating resources for a sustainable future.”

as "Our Commitment." We will build a recycling system of metal resources based on our strengths and realize growth throughout the value chain by expanding the scope, regions, and scale of our operations.

Management Strategy

Corporate History

The Mitsubishi Group was born when Tsukumo Shokai, the forerunner of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, entered the coal and metal mining business.
For nearly 150 years, the Company has supported Japan's rapid development as it has grown by diversifying its operations and reforming its business s structures to meet social needs that changed with the times.
We will continue our tradition of creating new raw materials, products and solutions, and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Corporate History

Our Business

Metals Business

Providing Stable Supply of Metal Materials and Recycling of Metal Resources as Our Mission
The roots of our Metals Business trace back to 1873 when the Company acquired the Yoshioka Mine. Metal materials such as copper are essential in many industries. We have supported the development of Japanese industry and society across centuries by providing metal materials. Our supply destinations have now expanded globally.
Furthermore, we have developed a recycling system for recovering metal resources such as gold, silver, tin, lead and bismuth not only from the so-called urban mine of printed circuit board waste and other scrap materials (E-scrap), but also by efficiently disassembling discarded products such as home appliances and automobiles and incorporating them in smelting and other processes.

Copper and Copper Alloy Business

Supporting the Industrial Infrastructure and Affluent Life with Our Exclusive Technologies
We process copper that we smelt into products of various shapes, such as terminal materials for automobiles, copper tubes for air conditioners, and semiconductor lead frames.
We will continue to contribute to the development of industrial and social infrastructure around the world by developing and supplying new products with high quality and performance based on our proprietary technologies.

Electronic Materials and Components Business

Delivering Outstanding Development Skills and the On-Site Capabilities to Win out in the Business world
The progress in IT and electronics technologies has made our lives significantly more convenient through such items as personal computers, smartphones and tablet devices, not to mention automobiles and home appliances. Our Electronic Materials & Components Business supplies the electronics industry with unique, high-value-added products made from our distinctive materials.

Metalworking Solutions Business

Your Global Craftsman Studio, for You and the World
In the automotive and aircraft industries, demand for leading-edge materials and technologies continues to grow. Metalworking Solutions Company applies technological expertise accumulated over years to meet these needs. We supply customers around the world with cemented carbide products, which are essential to parts processing.

Renewable Energy Business

Contributing to Building a Decarbonized Society with Renewable Energy
Using the Earth’s limited resources wisely and building a sustainable society with cleaner energy are challenges common to all of humankind. Mitsubishi Materials has adopted this mission throughout all its businesses, and each day we undertake a host of activities to this end. Above all, the Renewable Energy Business plays a key role in decarbonization, and we are striving to expand it further.

Affiliated Business

Providing Management Support to Address the Issues Faced by Diverse Group Companies
Related businesses center on engineering and trading companies that support the operations of Mitsubishi Materials' businesses. These companies are expanding their sphere of activities from Japan to locations overseas.

Monozukuri and R&D

Leading the innovation of new businesses, the specialization of manufacturing, and the development of Materials technologies
The Mitsubishi Materials Group aims to contribute to people, society and the Earth through application of its unique technologies. We aim to create products and technologies that distinguish our Group and enable us to win out in the global materials market, as well as propelling us forward to become a leading corporate group.

Scale of MMC's business

Strengths of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Integrated Report

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation as the No.1 Company

The Company operates diverse businesses, ranging from nonferrous metals and other fundamental materials to cemented cardide tools/metalworking solutions, the manufacturing of semiconductor-related and electronic components/materials, resource recycling, and renewable energy power generation. In each business, the Company holds the No.1 position in production volume, sales volume, etc.

*Solder materials for the reduction of soft errors (malfunctions) in semiconductors, which are attributed to the alpha rays generated by solder



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