Non-Contact Temperature Sensor

DNS Series



Sensing part


•Our precise thermistor is able to accurately measure the temperature
•Our unique output structure enables high precision and fast response time
•Tough against high temperatures and ESD
•Reduced dimensions and weight


•Thermistor Characteristics : R25 = 100kΩ (typ.)
B25/50 = 4,250K (typ.) 
•Operating Temperature Range : -30°C to 125°C ※2
•Detection Temperature Range : 0°C to 400°C ※3
•Response Time (when warm) : approximately 0.6 sec.※4
•Sensing Angle:89.4°×107.7°


※1:Accuracy affected by type of material, area, shape, distance, and airflow
※2:Without any condensation
※3:Sensor unit must be within operating temperature range
※4:When it detects => 63.2% of black body temperature


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