March 19, 2024

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Released "Sampling Video" Viewing Function for the E-Scrap Business Platform "MEX"
- Aim for further improving the transparency of E-Scrap business -

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has added a "Sampling Video" viewing function to its E-Scrap business platform "MEX" (Mitsubishi Materials E-Scrap EXchange).
Since its launch in December 2021, MEX has enjoyed a very good reputation and has been used by overseas customers and other customers who were not able to use our previous platform. In response to requests from customers who use the platform, we have released a new function that allows customers to view videos of the E-Scrap sampling process at the receiving site in order to further improve the transparency of the E-Scrap business.
We will continue to enhance the functionality of MEX and aim to be an accessible partner for all customers in Japan and overseas, as well as further promote recycling of E-Scrap.

Details of the "Sampling Video" viewing function

To ensure the transparency of our processing of E-Scrap, MEX has been disclosing photos of each lot of E-Scrap we have received. Furthermore, with the newly added "Sampling Video" viewing function, it is now possible to view our actual sampling process of each lot of E-Scrap. (*1) Visualization of the sampling process will further improve the transparency of our E-Scrap business (*2).

Sampling Video
Sampling Video
At this moment, videos are available only for E-Scrap sampling work received by the autosampler at Onahama Smelter & Refinery. We will announce again when the E-Scrap videos regarding other receiving locations and other sampling methods are available.
The videos in this function are intended only as reference information for our sampling process.

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October 26, 2021
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