January 16, 2024

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Launching Japan's First Recycled Metal Brand "REMINE"
Tin and Lead Go on Sale as the First Products
- The recycled content is calculated in accordance with the international standard ISO14021(*1) -

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) will launch "REMINE," the first recycled metal brand in Japan (*2), which specifies the recycled content in non-ferrous metal products. As the first products, "Refined Tin (Ingot)" and "Refined Lead (Ingot)" will be sold.
In order to realize a sustainable society, it is our responsibility to our stakeholders to ensure the transparency and traceability of raw materials and other information in our products in the supply chain from the perspective of resource circulation and environmental impact reduction. Additionally, the need to quantify the environmental impact of products is becoming more important.
The "REMINE" series offers non-ferrous metal products that respond to such social needs by using our cultivated strength in recycling technology. The recycled content is calculated in accordance with the international standard ISO14021 (JIS Q14021) (*3) and verified by a third-party organization (SGS Japan Inc.) to ensure a higher level of reliability.
The first products are "Refined Tin (Ingot)" with 100% recycled content and "Refined Lead (Ingot)" with greater than 99.6% recycled content. Detailed products information and certificates issued by third parties are available on the following specialized website. MMC's Ikuno Plant (Refined Tin) and Hosokura Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (Refined Lead), which are the manufacturing bases for the products, plan to use 100% of substantially renewable energy power (*4) from fiscal 2025 onward.

REMINE website

URL: REMINE website

MMC Group will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by further expanding its lineup of "REMINE" series products and supplying them.

ISO14021 is an international standard that requires the elimination of ambiguous expressions and the disclosure of information necessary for verification regarding environmental information on products.
This is the first time in Japan that the recycled content of non-ferrous metals is calculated in accordance with ISO14021 and verified by a third party. As of December 2023, based on our company's research.
JIS Q14021 is a Japanese industrial standard based on ISO14021 and has the common content with the international standard ISO14021.
FIT non-fossil certificates procurement is included.

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