January 9, 2024

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Corporate Communication Magazine "WITH MATERIALS" Winter Issue Published

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has published the winter issue of "WITH MATERIALS," its corporate communication magazine.

This issue features "Becoming the Strength of the World's Manufacturing" as the theme.
Mitsubishi Materials has set Our Commitment of "For people, society and the earth, circulating resources for a sustainable future" as our target for 2030, and the path our company must follow to fulfill Our Commitment is shown in the Medium-term Management Strategy FY2031 (FY2031 Strategy) launched in April 2023. This issue focuses on "enhancing the supply of high-performance materials and products," which we have identified as one of the business areas to focus on in the FY2031 Strategy. We will introduce how we can contribute to society through materials and products, with a focus on cutting tools extensively used in various industries including the automobile and aircraft sectors.

In addition to the feature articles, the magazine covers the following contents.

  • Visiting a Town with MM:
    Introduces a town (Oyama Town, Shizuoka) in which Fuji-Oyama Plant, which produces insulated heat dissipation substrate, an essential for electric vehicles, solar power generation, and more, is located.
    Introduces our employee dedicated to supporting the stable operation of smelters and refineries through analytical work
  • The Power of Materials Builds Society:
    Introduces a product of ours that prevents a rise in the interior temperature of automobiles and improves energy saving
  • The Secrets of Materials:
    Explains the secret of "thermal conductivity putty," which leverages its clay-like nature to facilitate the dissipation of heat generated in electronic devices, etc.
    Introduces major topics from the October to November period
  • Forests and Materials:
    Introduces initiatives aimed at passing on rich forests to future generations

Through "WITH MATERIALS," we will continue to deliver information that will facilitate a deeper understanding of Mitsubishi Materials Group.


Follow the link below to view "WITH MATERIALS." We hope you find it interesting.

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