November 7, 2023

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Received the 57th Best Paper Award of the Japan Institute of Copper

An endorsement of the excellence of MMC's "MOFC-HR" Oxygen-Free Copper

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) received the 57th Best Paper Award at the Annual Meeting of the Japan Institute of Copper. With the aim of encouraging exceedingly original development and research, this prestigious prize has a history of more than 50 years and is awarded to research papers published in Copper and copper alloy, the journal of the Japan Institute of Copper, for their contribution to the advancement and development of technologies related to copper and copper alloys.

The winning research paper clarifies the changes in the properties of oxygen-free copper for high current applications brought about by the addition of trace elements. The results of the research have revealed that oxygen-free copper containing an extremely small amount of Mg (magnesium) at impurity levels offers an excellent performance balance of conductivity, heat resistance and stress relaxation resistance characteristics and is suitable for high-current conductor materials (hereinafter referred to as "the research results").

The use of oxygen-free copper has limitations due to its generally low heat resistance. On the other hand, the copper material that utilizes the research results offers high conductivity equivalent to that of oxygen-free copper, while also providing high heat resistance, allowing it to be used manufacturing processes that are subject to thermal load and in products that are exposed to thermal stress environments. It meets the needs of components that require high current and heat resistance in harsh environmental conditions, as well as the increasing current for electromechanical components due to the automotive electrification and the spread of next-generation energy.
We have developed and produced Mitsubishi Oxygen-Free Copper - Heat Resistance (MOFC-HR), a new and unique oxygen-free copper with the strength and heat resistance increased to the world's highest levels. The research results also serve as technical evidence for the superiority of MOFC-HR.

The Group has set out "Our Commitment" of "For people, society and the earth, circulating resources for a sustainable future." We will continue to apply the research results to commercialize new copper materials, as well as to expand resource recycling and strengthen the supply of highly functional materials and products in order to realize Our Commitment.

[Award-winning paper]

: "Enhancing the Properties of Oxygen-Free Copper for High-Current Applications through Trace Element Additions"


Tomomi Iihara
(MMC, Innovation Center, Researcher)
Yuki Ito
(MMC, Copper and Copper Alloy Development Center, Assistant Manager)
Kosei Fukuoka
(MMC, Copper and Copper Alloy Development Center, Assistant Manager)
Kenichiro Suehiro
(MMC, Copper and Copper Alloy Development Center, Assistant Manager)
Maki Kazunari
(MMC, Technology and Development Department, Manager・Ph.D(engineering))
Tomomi Iihara, representative of the winners

Tomomi Iihara, representative of the winners

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