December 26, 2022

December 14, 2022

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Selected for CDP's 2022 "A List," the Highest Rank, for the First Time
in the Water Security Category

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has been selected by CDP, an international NGO promoting environmental information disclosure, for the CDP's Water Security A List, which is the highest rating in the category of water security, in recognition of the Group's initiatives and information disclosure regarding water resources, for the first time.


Established in the United Kingdom in 2000, CDP is an international environmental non-governmental organization that runs a global environmental information disclosure system for companies and local governments. The organization evaluates the activities and information disclosure of major companies around the world annually in the three categories of "climate change," "water security" and "forests," and selects the best companies as "A list" companies.

One of the Group's environmental policies is "Effectively Use and Conserve Water Resources." We are working to reduce the risks related to the water used in all aspects of our business activities, including cooling water and cleaning water, at our business sites in Japan and overseas. To secure water resources, we are striving to conserve water by monitoring water consumption, recycling water, installing new water efficient equipment, replacing old equipment with water efficient equipment, etc. As flood measures, we are mainly elevating buildings, pumps, electrical equipment, and so on, installing drainage pumps and conducting training under the assumption of a rising water level. In order to prevent water quality accidents at our business sites, we are also working to establish voluntary management criteria and introduce sensors and automatic drainage stop systems capable of detecting water abnormalities.
We regularly disclose these activities in Integrated Reports, ESG Reports, etc.

Under our Corporate Philosophy of "For People, Society and the Earth," the Mitsubishi Materials Group will continue to work on effectively using and recycling resources, preventing environmental pollution in the regions where we operate, and implementing various activities for realizing a decarbonized society.

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