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December 23, 2021

November 9, 2021

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Reorganization related to Corporate Transformation (CX) and Introduction of Job-Based Human Resources System
- Reinforcing Organizational Capabilities towards the Realization of our Envisioned Future -

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation will make organizational changes to reorganize the functions of its headquarters to optimize Group's management as of April 1, 2022. We will also introduce a job-based human resources system for management positions on the same day.

We strive to grow sustainably while contributing to building a "prosperous society", "recycling-oriented society", and "decarbonized society" based on the basic idea of "Create both social and economic values," in other words, contributing to solve social issues through our business activities. Towards this goal, we set the three Group-wide policies of "optimization of business portfolio," "comprehensive efforts to increase business competitiveness," and "creation of new products and businesses" to be supported and executed by "an ideal organization and organizational culture." To achieve them, further improvements of our organizational capabilities are indispensable, and we are executing the four types of management reforms; "Corporate Transformation (CX)," "Digital Transformation (DX)," "Human Resources Transformation (HRX)," and "Operational Efficiency Improvement" in an integrated manner to reinforce our "ability to make more agile response to quickly changing environment combined with human network and combination of functions."

In this regard, we decided to reorganize headquarters functions as shown below as of April 1, 2022, to achieve goals such as "increasing role clarity among strategic headquarters, back-office functional departments of headquarters, and business divisions," "executing timely and flexible business operations suitable for the business environment and characteristics," and "enhancing governance function by balancing unifying force and decentralizing force among strategic headquarters, back-office functional departments of headquarters, and business divisions" through CX, one of the four pillars of the management reforms.

[1] "Strategic headquarters" is in charge of group strategies.

[2] "Professional CoE*1" is responsible for business efficiency improvement and sophistication of back-office operations.

[3] "Companies"*2 have all necessary functions to make each business unit stronger and be capable of autonomous business management (complete In-house Company system)

Image for reorganization of headquarters functions
Image for reorganization of headquarters functions (Click the picture to see the enlarged image)

In addition, we will introduce a job-based human resources system for management positions as of April 1, 2022. This system will support our pursuit of business competitiveness by defining and designing organizations and positions based on business strategies, placing "the right people in the right positions", and clarifying roles and responsibilities of each employee in the course of business activities.

*1 CoE (Center of Excellence): Organization with expertise in specific areas

*2 Each business unit has all functions related to the business, identifies issues and addresses them.

[Reference: Overview of the four pillars of management reform]

  • ①Corporate Transformation (CX)
    Reform into optimal form of group management (organization and business management), towards a combination of "strategic headquarters in charge of group strategies," "back-office functional departments of headquarters responsible for efficiency improvement and sophistication," and "strong business unit capable of autonomous business management."
  • ②Digital Transformation (DX)
    Reform utilizing data and digital technologies to enhance added value in business, operational competitiveness, and quick decision making.
  • ③Human Resources Transformation (HRX)
    Reform of the human resource system and working styles with the aim of securing and developing autonomous human resources who can adapt to change. Aggressively incorporate new ways of working, new values, and external perspectives and talents into our strengths built over the past 150 years in order to maintain and enhance market competitiveness in an increasingly complex business environment.
  • ④Operational Efficiency Improvement
    Review our organization, operational procedures, and working styles in order to concentrate on the operations that will enhance our corporate value, and to carry out thorough cost reduction as part of our "comprehensive efforts to increase business competitiveness."
Image of our management reform efforts
Image of our management reform efforts (Click the picture to see the enlarged image)

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