September 20, 2019

September 3, 2019

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Announces Grand Opening of New Technical Center in Querétaro, Mexico

Metalworking Solutions Company, which is part of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (CEO: Naoki Ono, Capital: JPY119.4 billion), announces the Grand Opening of a new technical center in Querétaro, Mexico (MTEC Querétaro) on September 2, 2019 (local time) as a new Mexico technical and customer support base.

MTEC Querétaro is the eighth of technical center, two in japan and other in the United States, Spain, Germany, China, and Thailand for providing technical support to customers.

MTEC Querétaro is equipped with a seminar room, display area and cafeteria. The facility will provide support through training programs aimed at the improvement of knowledge of cutting tools. Querétaro is a region with many of our major customers, including the automotive, aerospace, and parts industries. The area is an approximately a three-hour drive from Mexico City, offering easy access for many customers. The Company expects that customers will be more satisfied with the solution services it provides after visiting MTEC Querétaro and deepening their understanding of cutting tools.

The Metalworking Solutions Company seeks to become a global player that is capable of providing high value-added products and solution services by pursuing its medium- and long-term goals under the medium-term management strategy. It constantly targets and continues to achieve speed and reform from its customers' standpoint, aiming to be an active, exciting company that earns trust as a true partner for its customers.

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Querétaro Technical Center
(Mitsubishi Materials Technology & Education Center Querétaro (Querétaro MTEC))
Av. La Cañada 16, Parque Industrial Bernardo Quintana, 76246 El Marques, Querétaro, México
Education and training
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Exterior of MTEC Querétaro Exterior of MTEC Querétaro Click for enlarge