June 10, 2019

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Announces Grand Opening of New Technical Center in Stuttgart, Germany

Metalworking Solutions Company, which is part of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (President: Naoki Ono, Capital: JPY119.4 billion), announces the Grand Opening of a new technical center in Stuttgart, Germany (MTEC Stuttgart) on June 4, 2019 (local time) as a new European technical and customer support base.

The company opened its First European technical center in Valencia, Spain in 2008, mainly to support training to improve customers' understanding of our cutting tools in Europe. The newly opened MTEC Stuttgart will provide solution services to customers focusing on problem solving at their metal work sites.

In MTEC Stuttgart's two-story building, there are four units of metal work equipment, CAD/CAM, and high-precision measuring equipment on the first floor, and a meeting room, a seminar room, and a cafeteria on the second floor.

In the equipment area on the first floor, with the concept of creating a similar environment to that of our customers' metal work site, we have introduced the types of equipment that are widely used at manufacturing sites in order to minimize the variations in the results of operation due to the differences in equipment and to enable customers to use our solutions with security. In addition, in the office area on the second floor, the staff in our Product Engineering Department are on duty at all times. They have the capabilities to develop tools for metal work that is impossible to undertake using standard equipment, and more suitable metal work for each customer need, providing a prompt one-stop service.

MTEC Stuttgart provides services to customers throughout Europe. In particular, Stuttgart is a major center for our main customers, the automotive, aircraft, and parts industries, and is in a location easily accessed by customers. We believe that when our customers visit our center and observe the cutting work directly, they will be even more satisfied with our solutions.

The Metalworking Solutions Company seeks to become a global player that is capable of providing high value-added products and solution services by pursuing its medium- and long-term goals under the medium-term management strategy. It constantly targets and continues to achieve speed and reform from its customers' standpoint, aiming to be an active, exciting company that earns trust as a true partner for its customers.

[Technical center profile]

Stuttgart Technical Center
(Mitsubishi Materials Technology & Education Center Stuttgart (MTEC Stuttgart))
Bahnhofstraße 82, 73240 Wendlingen am Neckar, Germany
Business details
Cutting tests, tooling support, education and training
Number of staff
5-axis machining center, horizontal machining center, turning center, automatic lathe, 3D measuring instrument, microscope and other measuring instruments
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Exterior of MTEC Stuttgart Exterior of MTEC Stuttgart Click for enlarge
Interior of MTEC Stuttgart Interior of MTEC Stuttgart Click for enlarge

June 5, 2019