Mitsubishi Materials Corporation


March 19, 2019

Luvata launching new Japanese website

One of our consolidated group companies, Luvata, which is under MMC Copper Products Oy, has launched its Japanese website:

Previously, Luvata's corporate website consisted of five languages, English, German, Finnish, Chinese and Russian. Effective today, Luvata cordially invites our stakeholders to access its Japanese language site as well.

Operating 12 locations in 7 countries with over 1,400 employees, Luvata is a leading global company offering a wide range of high-quality copper products, along with exceptional technical support:

  • welding products used mainly by the automobile industry
  • superconducting wires and cables which are essential for medical MRI machines and scientific research
  • copper anodes used for plating
  • connectors commonly found in the electronics industry
  • photovoltaic ribbon for the solar industry
  • specialty wires
  • cooling elements and busbars used by the power generation and distribution industry

Luvata hopes to expand its business in Japan by cooperating with local distributors or in direct transactions with end-users. Via the 'Contact us' button on the Japanese website, visitors will be put in touch with the Luvata representative that can help them, or simply email

Major products made by Luvata

Welding Electrodes Welding Electrodes

PV Ribbon PV Ribbon

Hollow Conductors Hollow Conductors

Battery Wire Battery Wire

Anodes Anodes

Superconductors Superconductors