July 31, 2017

DIAEDGE, A New Brand of Cemented Carbide Products

The Advanced Materials & Tools Business Company of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (President: Akira Takeuchi, capital: 119.4 billion yen) decided to launch DIAEDGE, a new product brand, in May. This is aimed at increasing the visibility of the company's cemented carbide products such as cutting tools, wear resistant tools and construction tools that are manufactured and marketed globally.

The Advanced Materials & Tools Business Company has used different names in accordance with product characteristics and the forms of the sales territories. The Company registered the DIATITANIT trademark in Japan in 1956, when it had no standardized brand overseas.

We began using MITSUBISHI as our corporate brand when our domestic manufacturing and marketing were restructured in 2003. From today onward, the global and standardized brand of DIAEDGE will be used for customers of cemented carbide products as Mitsubishi Materials pursues the expansion of its cemented carbide products business.

The name DIAEDGE is meant to convey the following aspects.

: The product should have value simply by existing, just like diamonds, and it should look beautiful, be regarded as upmarket and high-quality and convey a feeling of wakuwaku (excitement)*.
: Incorporating a sharp perspective like the edge of a cutting tool and the latest technologies, the product should convey a novel and sophisticated image, and should amaze and impress users.

The Advanced Materials & Tools Business Company aims to become a leading business group in cemented carbide products by sharing ideas, creations and impressive moments with customers through the optimal solutions and services of cemented carbide products as well as DIAEDGE.

*Wakuwaku (excitement): "Wakuwaku" is from the Wakuwaku Project, in which all staff members of the Advanced Materials & Tools Business Company participate. The project is aimed at facilitating the Advanced Materials & Tools Business Company's fulfilment of a vision, namely We are committed to responding promptly to customers' challenges and to actively contribute to their success with the dedication of a professional craftsman. We will strive to become the only tool manufacturer globally offering "your personal craftsman studio", a unique service for our customers.

[Logotype of DIAEDGE] Logotype of DIAEDGE
[Example of our cemented carbide product] Example of our cemented carbide product Click for enlarge

May 17th, 2017