Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Based on our Corporate Philosophy "For People, Society and the Earth," we recognize the importance of environmental preservation on a global scale and strive to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through our business activities.

As a comprehensive materials manufacturer, with operations ranging from cement, metals and metalworking through to electronic materials and components, we supply many of the basic materials and products that are essential to our industrialized society. Indeed, our materials and products are widely used in many aspects of daily life.

Whereas operations within the materials industry inevitably have a high environmental impact at the manufacturing stages, they also present opportunities to effectively harness and recycle resources through initiatives at the waste processing and recycling stages.

We take the environment into consideration in everything that we do and are committed to environmental management, capitalizing on the nature of our operations to strike a balance between business and the environment. With that basic philosophy in mind, we are determined to do our bit to help create a recycling-oriented society that has a low impact on the environment, through strict legal compliance and operations such as supplying and recycling essential everyday materials and products.

In order to achieve this objective, we will strive to:

1. Promote environmental management

We will effectively harness environmental management systems, expand environmental education and take every possible opportunity to raise awareness of environmental management so as to ensure that it is put into practice by each and every employee.

2. Reduce environmental impact

We will make every effort to reduce greenhouse gases, waste, hazardous chemicals and other forms of environmental impact resulting from the consumption of energy and other resources at every stage of our business activities in an effort to preserve the environment. We will also focus on promoting green procurement and developing environmentally friendly materials, products and technologies and make every effort to minimize environmental risks through initiatives aimed at preventing environmental pollution and accidents.

3. Contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society

We will make the most of the technologies and facilities at our disposal, based on the nature of the Mitsubishi Materials Group's operations, in order to process and recycle resources from waste and promote other forms of recycling. We will also do our bit to promote a recycling-oriented society through initiatives such as increasing usage of renewable energy.

4. Preserve biodiversity

We recognize that biodiversity is one of the cornerstones of a sustainable society, not least in terms of natural resource development, and will ensure that our business activities remain in harmony with society and the natural environment, taking ecosystems into consideration every step of the way.

5. Help to create a low-carbon society

We will develop and get involved in materials, products and technologies that help to reduce energy consumption and prevent global warming in an effort to help create a sustainable low-carbon society. We will also proceed with forest development with the aim of making a greater contribution to CO2 fixation (absorption) at forests owned by Mitsubishi Materials.

6. Coexist with local communities

We will maintain close communication with local communities and work together to preserve the environment based on conditions in each area.