To Fulfill Our Commitment to the Future

Our Mission Our Mission

Our Commitment Our Mission

The Mitsubishi Materials Group has set out Our Commitment of "For people, society and the earth, circulating resources for a sustainable future", and is implementing a variety of reforms.

Message from the President Message from the President

Based on the idea that "it is the power of each and every employee that gives soul and shape to our vision," we are focused on promoting inner branding with the goal of encouraging each employee to take ownership of our Group's Commitment as their own. In specific terms, we have developed a number of measures based on the directions of "shorten the distance between employees and management through communication," "connect every single employee and the entire Group horizontally," and "support each challenge." We think that these measures will improve the quantity and quality of communication and, as a consequence, will lead to the creation of an organization with good and healthy communication where employees have unrestricted communication. We believe that maximizing the capabilities of each employee and creating greater strength through unity in such a workplace will be the driving force for fulfilling our Commitment. Please look forward to the future of Mitsubishi Materials.

Chief Executive Officer  Naoki Ono

Personal Commitments Personal Commitments

Personal Missions Personal Missions

Each employee interprets our Group's Commitment on a personal level and faces their daily tasks. We believe that all these cumulative individual efforts will help us to fulfill our Group's Commitment.

Hideki Kataoka

Photo location : Gifu Plant, Metalworking Solutions Company

Mitsuki Hirose

Photo location : Sanda Plant, Advanced Products Company

Personal Commitments Personal Commitments

Internal Communication Internal Communication

Internal Communication Internal Communication

We want to be an organization in which each and every employee can maximize their own capabilities toward the achievement of our Group's Commitment. First and foremost, we believe in the importance of free and open-minded communication, and we are working on various programs to strengthen vertical and horizontal connections across organizations.

Ambassador Activities Ambassador Activities

We want each employee to take ownership of our Group's Commitment as their own. We promote a variety of activities by appointing employees who volunteer as ambassadors. These ambassadors, who come from a variety of departments, job roles, and career backgrounds, meet regularly in order to assess the current situation and recognize issues, while also conducting interviews with the President and their colleagues. As discussions deepen, action plans are formulated.

I feel that the appeal of ambassador activities is that we can give shape to ideas alongside members of various ages from various departments, focusing our attention on what is needed in order to fulfill our Group's Commitment and having every employee take ownership of the Commitment. I will continue to work from a neutral perspective while keeping my antennas up each day, so that I can develop better measures with other members.
Yu Sasaki

General Affairs Section,
Administration Department, Akashi Plant

I was inspired by a coworker's participation in the first round of ambassador activities, which sounded like fun. Communication was awkward at first, but it grew more active through daily chats and regular monthly meetings, and now all members believe in every possibility of the company and share strong enthusiasm for breaking out of our current circumstances. I also feel that this is an excellent opportunity for developing project execution skills.
Ryohei Yumoto

DX Promotion Division

Half Day Workplace Experiences Half Day Workplace Experiences
Half Day Workplace Experiences

We want employees to become better acquainted and to foster horizontal connections across divisions and groups. We are carrying out an initiative that allows employees to spend half a day working in another workplace. In addition to fostering a corporate culture that enables free and open-minded communication, we also aim to provide opportunities for individuals to consider their own career on an autonomous basis.

Half Day Workplace Experiences
I participated in a half-day workplace experience at a geothermal power plant because I was interested in the renewable energy business. I witnessed firsthand a site where power is generated using natural energy in order to achieve a decarbonized society. I was surprised by the scale of the project, and at the same time, it gave off a strong sense of our Corporate Philosophy, "For People, Society and the Earth," which gave me great confidence as an employee of the same company. Next time, I want them to come and see our workplace!
Fumiya Ohashi

Research & Development Division,
Metalworking Solutions Company

Since I rarely visit other locations in my regular work, I decided to try working in sales at a Group company because I thought I would discover new things and gain new experiences. I visited a customer together with the person in charge of this activity, and I got to observe the manufacturing site. I was surprised at how advanced that workplace was, including passion for the job, technological capabilities, and speed. I want to take what I learned and apply it to my own workplace!

Shion Takase

Innovation Center
-- Coating and Surface Field

Internal Radio -Style Broadcasts- On the Air Internal Radio -Style Broadcasts- On the Air
Internal Radio -Style Broadcasts- On the Air Internal Radio -Style Broadcasts- On the Air

To promote communication with managers and employees, the President himself acts as an entertainment personality and regularly conducts radio-style broadcasts to answer a range of questions from Group employees. A variety of projects have also been developed, including guest appearances by managers and employees who have submitted questions under their real names. The atmosphere is friendly and different from management's official messages, allowing the President to express his personality and be candid about his thoughts.

I was selected and invited onto the show after asking "What did you do during your first year at the company, Mr. Ono?" I had a really fun time, and I felt closer to the President, who had previously seemed more distant.
Mariko Yamamoto

Innovation Center -- Powder Metallurgy Field

I was nervous, but as a new employee, I was happy to have my simple questions answered. In accordance with the advice I received from Mr. Ono, I will value my perspective as a new employee as I go about my work!
Sho Yoshio

Rolled Product Manufacturing
Sambo Plant,
Advanced Products Company

Reverse Mentoring Reverse Mentoring

Mentoring is generally provided by senior employees to junior employees by giving advice and support on both work and personal matters. In contrast to this, we have been doing something called "reverse mentoring" in which younger employees take on the role of the mentors for management. This has led to more equitable communication with management and revitalized interaction among mentors.

1-on-1 1-on-1

In order to enhance the quality and quantity of communication between managers and employees in workplaces, we provide opportunities for casual 1-on-1 meetings. By creating opportunities for employees to speak freely with peace of mind, and for managers to listen attentively, we are able to enhance the relationship of trust between managers and employees. Such meetings are held on a regular basis and are shorter and more frequent than conventional employee interviews.


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