Community Contribution Activity Policy

Based on the corporate philosophy of "For People, Society and the Earth", the Mitsubishi Materials Group has adopted the vision of "Circulating resources for a sustainable future" and the mission of "Create a sustainable future (a prosperous, recycling-oriented and decarbonized society)," and has established "We will contribute to the development of each region and build a harmonious relationship of mutual prosperity with local communities" as a rule we must observe in our Code of Conduct.

Community Contribution Activity Policy
Since its establishment, the Mitsubishi Materials Group has maintained not only manufacturing sites but also procurement and sales offices and other facilities in Japan and other parts of the world, and we believe that we can continue that business by earning the trust of local communities. In order to carry on this idea of the Mitsubishi Materials Group and pass it on to the next generation, each of us must act in accordance with the expectations of our stakeholders and be aware of our social responsibility.
To this end, we will actively engage in contribution activities to solve issues in society such as nature conservation in each region, Diversity and Inclusion including next generation education support and minority support, and aim to coexist in harmony with local communities.
We will also fulfill our social responsibility by appropriately distributing earnings from our business activities to our stakeholders, including local communities.
Focus Areas
In line with our Corporate Philosophy, Our Mission, and Code of Conduct, we will focus on the following three areas to achieve sustainable business growth.
  1. Promotion of local environmental protection and conservation activities
  2. Supporting next-generation education and Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Coexistence with local communities
Through dialogue with each community and partner organization, we understand social needs and issues, and formulate and implement specific action measures to contribute to and resolve them.
We will continue to contribute to sustainable local communities by implementing the ongoing communication activities with local communities that have been conducted by each of the Mitsubishi Materials Group's sites.

(Establishment Date: July 21, 2023)


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