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GeSbTe Sputtering Target

Increase in usage of optical recording films

Chalcogen is one of the main elements for sputtering target for optical disc, especially for phase change optical recording films.
All the materials used for alloys such as chalcogen are refined in house at Mitsubishi Material group companies.
Phase change optical recording films are used for memory devices and optical discs and its usages has been increasing.

Advantages of GeSbTe target from Mitsubishi Materials

  • High purity, High density, Fine structure
  • Capable of making various compositions

We provide substantial technical support by the experience accumulated in many years.
Mitsubishi Materials will keep making our contribution to developing new compositions using our time-proven experience.
Mitsubishi Materials has a variety of sputtering targets in our product line-ups that can be used for a wide usage of optical recoding application.
Please contact us if you develop new optical recording products.


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