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AZO-low n Sputtering Target

Multiple Functional Barrier Film

"AZO-low n" is a multiple functions target with a unique composition from Mitsubishi Materials. The film is used for various parts in solar cells, flat panel display and many devices as a functional layer with high barrier and transparent.

Advantages of AZO-low n target from Mitsubishi Materials

  • Able to form a film with multiple functions such as high transparent, low b* value and low haze.
  • AZO-low n film is a low WVTR film that may have applicability to electronic device which requires water vapor barrier.
  • By adjusting additive elements, we achieved high rate deposition using DC sputtering process.

Mitsubishi Materials has earned high trust from our customers by providing AZO-low n targets. Please contact us if you are in need for new materials as functional layer with high barrier and transparent use for solar cells, flat panel display and other devices.

Comparison of WVTR value of AZO-low n film and others


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