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Low Alpha Solder Pastes


  • Solder bump formation for FC-BGA and FC-CSP
  • Base pre-coating formation for FC-BGA and FC-CSP
  • Capping solder formation on Copper pillars
  • Surface mount assembly of capacitor parts, etc.


  • Robust bump formation (low voiding, high wettability with base material, uniformity of bump height, etc.)
  • Excellent printability (continuous printing, filling ability, stencil release properties, shape retention capability, etc.)
  • Excellent de-flux ability
  • Over 20 years' experience of providing business to customers with high-volume production all over the world.
  • World's leading techniques of alpha particle management.
  • Product development with a wealth of knowledge in metallurgy and organic chemistry
  • Great support system provided by well-developed facilities and high-leveled evaluation as well as advanced analysis technology.

Product Line-up

Also we can customize composition, solder particle size and flux upon customers' request, and we provide pastes that perform high quality bump formation.

ApplicationC4 bumping
(Stencil mask method)
C4 bumping
(Dry film method)
AlloyPb63Sn, Sn3Ag0.5Cu
Sn0.7Cu etc.
(under development)
Pb63Sn, Sn3Ag0.5Cu
Sn0.7Cu etc.
Low alpha
article emission
Pb type : <0.002cph/cm2, <0.02cph/cm2
Pb-free type : <0.002cph/cm2
Bump pitchAt 130µm Or higher
130-120µm 120µm belowAt 130µm Or higher -
Diameter size2-12µm<10µm<3µm5-15µm2-12µm
Key technology·Excellent printability
·High coplanarity
·Less missing bumps
·Low voiding
·Low voiding·Fine coverage
·Performance to smooth well

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