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Aiming to Regain the Trust of Stakeholders
- We will enhance our group governance structureand make sure we achieve our Medium-Term Management Strategy -

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Chief Executive Officer Naoki OnoMitsubishi Materials Corporation
Chief Executive Officer
Naoki Ono

I am Naoki Ono, new president of Mitsubishi Materials from June 2018.

We would like to express our deep and sincere apologies for causing our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders enormous trouble and concern as a result of a series of quality issues that arose in the Mitsubishi Materials Group. Under the present conditions, I am very humbled to be assuming the heavy responsibilities of president.

Regarding these issues, we provided explanations to our customers and have been placing the first priority on confirming product safety with our customers' cooperation. Likewise, we will promptly and securely take steps to prevent any recurrence of the quality issues and to strengthen our group governance structure. In order to put our stakeholders' minds at ease and earn their trust, as president I will stand at the forefront to ensure that all officers and employees of the Mitsubishi Materials Group join forces, reforming our corporate culture and raising the awareness of employees.

Working on responding appropriately to these issues and restoring the trust of society in the Mitsubishi Materials Group in the future is our most important management issue in achieving our sustainable growth. To realize the quality policy of the Mitsubishi Materials Group of "manufacturing and providing the first class quality products that meet customers' requirements and that guarantee their satisfaction," each of us in the Mitsubishi Materials Group has a strong commitment to steadily implement our initiatives. Never constrained solely by our own corporate logics and customs, we will strive to always take customers' point of view and develop initiatives by uniting the entire Mitsubishi Materials Group in the aim of providing quality products and services that satisfy our customers.

In the Mitsubishi Materials Group, we have set our vision of "We will become the leading business group committed to creating a sustainable world through materials innovation, with the use of our unique and distinctive technologies, for People, Society and the Earth," to show our ideal based on our corporate philosophy. We also established a medium- to long-term policy for the entire Group with an eye to ten years into the future, which consists of the three pillars of "optimization of business portfolio," "comprehensive efforts to increase business competitiveness" and "creation of new products and businesses."

In April 2017, we launched the new medium-term management strategy (for FY2018-20) under the theme of "Transformation for Growth" to achieve the corporate philosophy, vision and long-term management policy described above.

In the long history of our company, which extends over 147 years since its foundation, we have faced numerous changes in social and economic conditions and challenging issues. We have overcome these situations through our utmost efforts and a willingness to take on challenges. For the Mitsubishi Materials Group to achieve sustainable growth into the future, we consider that "Transformation for Growth," namely breaking the status quo and creating new value through efforts to meet the demands of the times, is essential.

We will seek to thoroughly strengthen group governance and will work to strive together as a group to execute the programs in the medium-term management strategy, with a resolute determination to show results that will be recognized widely as those produced by a genuinely excellent group.
Medium-term management strategy

As a group engaging in manufacturing, the Mitsubishi Materials Group will continue to explore ways to secure a steady supply of products that customers can use with peace of mind, together with ways to maintain customer satisfaction. Based on this concept and through fair business operations, we will take on the challenge of meeting the emerging demands of the times and promoting "materials innovation." Moreover, by maintaining these activities, we will strive to meet the expectations of our shareholders and other stakeholders, as we seek to become "the leading business group committed to contributing to creating a sustainable world."

We are grateful for your continued support and cooperation.

June 2018

Naoki Ono