CEO Message

In formulating our Medium-term Management Strategy FY2031, which covers FY2024 through FY2031, we have established

"For people, society and the earth, circulating resources for a sustainable future"

as "Our Commitment."

This single sentence expresses our corporate philosophy of "For People, Society and the Earth" and what we strive for (our vision), which is "circulating resources for a sustainable future," as well as the purpose we will fulfill (our mission), which is to "create a sustainable future."

Our vision of "circulating resources for a sustainable future" means that we will design and build a circulatory system of metal resources that plays the role of the veins, as well as design a larger circulatory system that plays the role of the arteries, through which we use metals extracted via resource recycling to produce high-performance materials and products and supply them to the market, moving them from veins to arteries, then back to veins again via the market.

In our mission to "create a sustainable future," we aim to achieve three goals: "a prosperous society," "a recycling-oriented society" and "a decarbonized society."

In order to fulfill "Our Commitment," we will maximize the power of all of the people brought together by our Group and pool our strengths into something greater, thereby solving social issues through our business activities to strive for sustainable enhancement of corporate value.

April, 2023

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Chief Executive Officer
Naoki Ono

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Chief Executive Officer Naoki Ono


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