Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Corporate Governance

Basic Approach

We have, based on the corporate philosophy of the Group, vision, values, code of conduct, mission and the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance by the Board of Directors, developed trust with all stakeholders related to the Company and its subsidiaries (hereinafter, the "Group"), such as shareholders and investors as well as employees, customers, client or supplier companies, creditors and local communities, and also develop our corporate governance.

Among the governance systems under the Companies Act, we have chosen to be a Company with a Nomination Committee, and by separating supervision and execution, will strengthen the Board of Directors' management supervisory functions, improve the transparency and fairness of management and accelerate business execution and decision making.

We acknowledge the enhancement of corporate governance to be one of the most important management issues, and continuously make efforts to improve our corporate governance.

※ We have prepared the "Basic Policy on Corporate Governance," as a compilation of the basic approach to and framework of corporate governance.

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance (December 1, 2021) (PDF:121KB)

Corporate Governance Report (December 1, 2021) (PDF:860KB)