Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Medium-term Management Strategy

In recent years, the business environment surrounding the Mitsubishi Materials Group has been changing intensely with increasing uncertainty. In this environment, implementation of a transformation is essential to achieve sustainable development. Accordingly, the Company formulated the FY2020 Medium-Term Management Strategy based on the theme "Transformation for Growth."
The Company believes that the three driving forces for transformation are sharing a sound sense of crisis, possessing clear targets and a passion to achieve the targets, and transforming corporate culture. The Company holds that transformation for growth can only be achieved when all of these driving forces are in place.

Key Strategy

  • Key Strategy

Investment Strategy

The total amount invested over the period of the FY2020 : 280 billion yen

  • FY2018-2020 Cumulative Investment Plan

Business Strategies of each Business Segment

Cement Business

<Domestic business>
Increase global competitiveness of Kyushu Plant.
Fortify sales foundation in Tokyo metropolitan area, etc. for downstream business.
Expand the environmental business by developing new business in growth segments.
<US business>
Fortify Cement manufacturing and supply system.
Expand ready-mixed concrete business.
<New overseas business bases>
Development of new business bases by acquisition, etc.

Metals Business

Develop new projects.
Refine the system for improving and making decisions on existing projects.
Increase e-scrap recycling.
Increase process efficiency, Optimize the smelting business.
<Copper & copper alloy products>
Sell products meeting customer needs (Increase sales of terminal materials and new alloys, Develop high-performance plating).
Promote alloy recycling.
Make use of synergies with Luvata, Establish a global sales system.
Expand sealing materials business.
Fortify the manufacturing system of rolling business.
Strengthen cost competitiveness of extrusion business.

Advanced Materials & Tools Business

  • Enhance the power of solutions by industry oriented teams.
  • Create key technologies through the Company's original development and open innovation.
  • Promote local production for local consumption by reinforcing factories and using local vendors.
  • Create synergy effect with MHTE.
  • Reinforce Key Account strategy.

Electronic Materials & Components Business

  • New products and sales expansion in IoT- related market (antenna modules, thermistor sensors, etc.)
  • New products and sales expansion in next generation vehicle market (insulated substrates with high thermal conductivity, in-vehicle sensors, solar heat-ray shielding, etc.)

Aluminum Business

  • Implement a selection and concentration strategy in rolling and processing businesses (shift to heat exchanger materials.)
  • Respond to increased production of beverage bottle-cans and develop next-generation products

Capital Policy

  • Capital Policy

Detail of Medium-term Management Strategy and previous plans.

FY2018-2020 Medium-term Management Strategy

FY2015-2017 Materials Premium 2016 ~Challenge to become the world's leading business group~

FY2012-2014 Materials Premium 2013 ~Aiming for New Creation~

FY2008-2010 Break-through 1000

FY2006-2007 We can do 600