Initiatives in the Overseas Mines which we invest in

Copper is essential to our lives, being used in wiring, air conditioners and other appliances, construction materials, semiconductor lead frames, and more. We have long been involved in the field of metals; since obtaining the rights to the Yoshioka mine in 1873, we have continuously evolved our business for over a century. In 1966, we successfully achieved mass production of oxygen-free copper and copper alloys, enabling major advances in electrical conduction and contributing still today to the rapid growth of the semiconductor sector.
Since 1991, we have actively invested in overseas copper mines, enabling us to procure a long-term stable supply of copper ore used for smelting.

Overseas Copper Mines and Development Projects

Overseas Copper Mines and Development Projects * Figures indicate ownership interest in mines and development projects

Pursuing a range of local communication

For the mine we invested in, we are engaging with the relevant administrative organs and local residents to roll out a range of initiatives that take into consideration human rights, right to life, and the environment.

Initiatives at Copper Mountain Mine (Canada)

Local people enjoying themselves at Mining DayLocal people enjoying themselves at Mining Day

A crucial part of mine management is obtaining the understanding of local residents. At Copper Mountain Mine, we join forces with the Mining Association of British Columbia each year and organize "Mining Day," as an opportunity to interact with members of the local community. On the day itself, we set up a venue in the center of Princeton, the town where the mine is located. As well as providing an introduction to the mine, we invite local residents to go on tours, as part of our ongoing efforts to give a wider range of people a better understanding of the mine and what we do there. We also work with local government agencies to ensure that we place an emphasis on ties with the local community, including considering indigenous people for employment in conjunction with indigenous associations.

Environmental Impact Assessment for Zafranal project (Peru)

Exploration DrillingExploration Drilling

Monitoring water qualityMonitoring water quality

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation joined Zafranal copper mine development project in Peru with Canadian mining company Teck Resources Limited and its subsidiary. Now the feasibility study is being carried out.
Compania Minera Zafranal S.A.C. (CMZ) operates the project. Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) has 20% share of the project and assigns personnel at the subsidiary established in Peru. MMC communicates closely with CMZ and works together in order to progress the project.
CMZ prizes the cultures, values, traditions and historical heritages of local communities, and has been establishing transparent and sincere long-term partnership with them. CMZ is having dialogues with local communities and additional stakeholders, and also conducting individual briefing, responding their inquiries. CMZ has been building public trust with taking in local opinions and needs through these activities.
In preparation for the legal process of the Environmental Impact Assessment, CMZ is consulting with local communities, and undertaking environmental and social baseline studies in the project and related infrastructure areas.