Initiatives in Jewelry Business

Quality Control throughout the Supply Chain (Jewelry-related business)

As part of our MJC jewelry brand, we carefully control the quality of all items throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing raw materials through to processing and distributing finished goods, in order to provide customers with reliable products at reasonable prices.
As well as addressing the issue of conflict diamonds based on the Kimberley Process*, we have created an original MJC Jewelry Quality Rule Book, covering matters such as compliance with the Washington Convention (CITES), metal allergy measures and traceability, and continue to raise awareness amongst our main supplies (approx. 120 companies.) We also organize quality meetings in both Tokyo and Kofu as part of our activities aimed at improving trust and reliability throughout the supply chain.

  • * Introduced in Japan in January 2013, the Kimberley Process is an international certification scheme designed to combat illegal trade in rough diamonds, used to fund conflict. As well as preventing member countries (81) from importing or exporting stones that do not have a certificate of origin, it also enables consumers to ask for proof that the products they are purchasing from retailers do not contain conflict diamonds.

Jewelry Quality Rule BookJewelry Quality Rule Book