Preserving Biodiversity

We are committed to business activities that take into consideration biodiversity and ecosystems here at the Mitsubishi Materials Group. We conduct environmental studies and carry out activities to preserve the environment at mines in Japan and overseas and facilities located in or adjacent to natural parkland which have potential impacts on the environment, and work to ensure the sustainable management of company-owned forests.

Monitoring Water Quality at Copper Mines (Copper Mountain Mine)

We invest in Copper Mountain Mine, located in British Columbia, Canada, where we engage in corporate management with an emphasis on biodiversity. We continually monitor the quality of water in local rivers, in accordance with quality guidelines issued by the provincial government, and also carry out ongoing surveys into fish populations, in order to gauge the impact of our activities on the ecosystem.

Surveying fish populationsSurveying fish populations


Environmental Impact Assessment as part of Copper and Gold Deposit Development Project

We are carrying out a basic environmental study geared towards conducting EIA* as part of a development project in Zafranal, in southern Peru. At the same time, we are studying and analyzing the potential impact on the environment by the development, and are looking into ways to secure new habitats for species of flora and fauna if there is a risk of any impact on the ecosystem.

  • * Environmental Impact Assessment

Exploration drillingExploration drilling

River water quality surveyRiver water quality survey


Planting Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

We are continuing to plant mangrove trees in the Gresik area of Indonesia, where PT. Smelting is based. As a result of these activities, which have been going on since 2014 and have been highly acclaimed by the local government, we have planted a total of 33,000 seedlings to date (as of 2017). The mangrove trees planted in the first year are now over three meters tall. With a successful growth rate in excess of 95% across the entire forest, this has made a substantial contribution to biodiversity, even bringing wild animals back to the area in recent years.

Planting mangrove treesPlanting mangrove trees


Initiatives at Limestone Mines (Cushenberry Mine)

At Cushenberry Mine in California, Mitsubishi Cement Corporation extracts limestone and also manufactures cement at the foot of the mine. Having worked with local experts to develop and plant trees across a mining area covering 25,000 square meters. Around 90% for the trees we have planted to date have grown. We also carry out activities to protect precious wild animals in the area, in conjunction with the local preservation authorities, and have maintained watering stations ever since the area was operational, in an effort to protect bighorn sheep and other wildlife living in the hills behind the mine.

Bighorn sheep 
(taken with an automatic camera)Bighorn sheep
(taken with an automatic camera)


Initiatives at Limestone Mines (Mount Buko)

The Une Mine of Ryoko Lime Industry Co., Ltd. extracts limestone from Mount Buko, which is the symbol of the Chichibu area in Saitama Prefecture. In the area in which limestone is extracted, we have planted more than 20,000 trees, the majority being Euptelea and willows native to the area. Despite the harsh environment with a slope facing north and an altitude over 1,000 meters, 35 years have passed since we planted the first trees and they are now more than 5 meters tall. Wild larch, beech and other trees have also found their way in from the adjacent forest and the mining site is slowly but steadily returning to its original state. In recent years, the fresh verdure can be seen from the city in May, allowing local residents to observe the achievements of our greening activities as well.

Greening at Une MineGreening at Une Mine

Main facilities located in or adjacent to natural parkland

Location and adjacent facility Site area (thousand m2) Natural parkland
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation    
· Aomori Plant 124 Shimokita Hanto Quasi National Park
· Tohoku Power Service Station 60 Towada-Hachimantai National Park
Moriyoshizan Prefectural Natural Park
· Yokoze Plant, Ceramics Plant 280 Buko Prefectural Park
· Naoshima Smelter & Refinery 1,811 Setonaikai National Park
· Higashitani Mine 3,358 Kitakyushu Quasi National Park
Chikuho Prefectural Park
Mitsubishi Cement Corporation (USA) 4,006 San Bernardino National Forest (USA)
Ryoko Lime Industry Co., Ltd. 824 Buko Prefectural Park
Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd. 52 Nishiarida Prefectural Natural Park